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A german guy doing his best to tell the tale of the Trail of a Shooting Star. If you like it, why not join the Ranger HQ group for possible sidestories? Or hunt for references?

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    I was reading through the comments lately and read the comment of Tenth. At the time I originally wrote the chapter, I deemed it a better idea to do this in order to establish something between AJ and Tyler, since he has something special with each of his herd mates, so why not being the submissive one to her.

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    Took my loooong break, now back to work, you lazy keyboard. That story ain't writing itself and there are two more sequels!

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Regarding next Chapter and beyond... · 3:15pm Jun 10th, 2015

Having a look at the following picture might give you a hint what it's all about.

In short: Next chapter is about best seamstress and her stitching together the life of someone we will see return somewhere in the far future. Rarity goes Manhattan!

Right at the moment though I may seem to undergo minor writer's block for the current chapter, which is at 3391 words. I find it rather easier to work on other chapters at the moment.

Chapter 21 - The mare who waltzed into his darkness (3391 words)

Chapter 22 - The Manhattan Incident (3353 words) < Action heavy stuff happens here

Chapter 23 - Interlude - A Shadow of the past (430 words) < In consequence to the 'Manhattan Incident', Earth takes measures. An old acquaintance gets recruited.

Chapter 24 - Heart of Darkness (8520 words) < Story climax, several revelations and future problems.

Chapter 25 - Epilogue - A new age (5821 words)

I'll take measures to get some progress for the current chapter, but since I'm introducing a new character out of nothing, I have very little to work with. The whole thing feels too much like Canterlot Wedding, only with less wedding and Changelings. I don't want that. Maybe I'll put in some scenes with the others as well to fill the gaps. We'll see.

This of course means that the next few chapters might come faster. 'Heart of Darkness' is almost complete as does 'A new age'.
This also means that after Chapter 23, which will be short anyway due to it being an interlude, you can rest assured that this books last two chapters are being published as well as the first chapter of the next book once all three chapters are out.
Chapter 1 - A new life (3564 words)

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