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Patreon is Live · 6:21pm Jun 9th, 2015

Well, here we go. After urging from fans and readers, and with no small amount of nervous trepidation, I have finally set up a Patreon account, which you should be able to see on the right side of my profile page.

To be perfectly honest, I'm both curious and a little nervous at how this is going to go. This is the first time I've tried something like this before, and I'll admit that I don't know how it'll shake out in the long run. Hopefully it goes well, but there have been a few who expressed concerns when I announced way back when that I was planning on getting a Patreon up and running, and I hope their fears don't come true.

One thing I do wish to address, however, is how this stands in light of my refusal to take donations, as I did not want to receive money for nothing. Thankfully enough, Patreon is not money for nothing, and that's why I decided to do it. Patreon allows use of "reward tiers," where those who contribute and support a creator can receive bonus looks at content in return.

This is a system I am already making use of. Each month, supporters can contribute what they like, $1 minimum, and each month in return they will gain access to supporter-only first looks at upcoming chapters from books, short stories, or sometimes maybe even other fun stuff like background material. For example, for the month of June the reward is a read of the short story The Graveyard, which was the first thing I ever wrote with Jacob Rocke in it. This short story will be appearing in my upcoming Unusual Events short collection, but you can read it beforehand by supporting. Fairly straightfoward: if you support, you get early access to stuff.

You can find my Patreon through the button at the top, right-hand side of my profile page, or from right here.

Thanks for reading, and for those of you about to become supporters and embark on this experiment with me, thanks for helping.

Viking ZX

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Comments ( 6 )

I have signed up for Patreon, and am currently trying to support you in whatever little way I can :twilightsmile:

Thank you for supporting! I hope you enjoyed the reward!

So today, I can actually throw my money at the screen.

I did, looking forward to seeing more!

Five people so far and I'm already below the average. Curse you cold unfeeling numbers on the internet.

I'll be watching to see how it goes, too. I'm thinking of doing it myself.

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