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Wanna be horse famous? Easy steps to instant fame! · 12:27pm Apr 30th, 2015

This is not a joke. What I'm about to share with you guys today is a long kept secret amongst the biggest writers on this site. This stuff comes from a group so small and secret that is makes the illuminati seem like it's as common as a black and red alicorn OC. The power I'm going to share with you has the potential to destroy this site. So please, use with caution.

So you want to be a horse famous writer? We all know that writing things that you care about is for suckers. Let's be honest, it's about the views and comments. You want to get noticed and be showered with praise by the plebeians that are below you. Well, here is an easy way to get featured in seconds.

It may seem unbelievable, but Twishine is the most featured fic on this site. Think it's a coincidence? Think that everyone is just secretly a pervert? Ha! Don't make me laugh. The truth of the matter is that Knighty himself has a line of coding in the website that automatically features any Twishine clopfic that has basic grammar and decently sized chapter.

This one is also made to get featured. However, there's a slight rule change. The fics that gets featured most often are the ones dedicated to romance. If you have some Spike and Twilight romance, then sit back and watch the comments and thumbs up come rolling in.

Human villains:
A human acting evil? Well I think you just went for maximum edge and on that edge you will find a place on the feature board! Additional feature points if your human was normal before he came to Equestria, but got powers because he was wearing a costume..

Halo crossover:
Yes. If you have a spartan in Equestria, you can guarantee a place on the feature box. Best part when writing these fics? You don't even need to finish them. Post one slightly decent chapter, get the views, then cancel it. Instant profit.

TF2 crossover:
This one may require you to post a few fics before you get your feature, but as soon as you are then get a cold beer, because you'll be on that board for awhile.

So there you go. Just a few secrets to get you would be authors started towards your new horse fame!

This is a piece of satire that is sadly accurate. What trends have you noticed since coming here?

Report Sarcastic Brony · 655 views ·
Comments ( 7 )

Dont forget anything of decent grammar and size that involves EQUESTRIA GIRLS humans banging ponies/horses.

Or Comforting Sonatabuse.

I mean I get what some people are going for, but the whole "scootaloo is a poor, poor, homeless orphan" has been done to death. Beyond death really; that horse was beaten into the ground till there wasn't even dust from the bones. Also fics rated "sad" that try too hard and go on to borderline ridiculous scenarios.

The whole "X pony is secretly a futa" with a description to discretely hint at it, is a bit done by now I think. Oh, that and stories that have Twilight use magic or a potion to get a penis. I understand that it is a persons fetish, and I am not about to judge, but man are there like a billion of those stories.

Also this is a general critique, but way too many fics tell and not show. Dont just tell us Rainbow Dash is afraid of Lions for some reason, show us that she is. Put her in a situation where we can put two and two together.

Why is that every time I go near the feature box there is TcB fic hanging out, are there really so many people okey with xenocide and genocide?!

3030987 Dude I'm with you. I'm sick of the Scootaloo is a beaten, abused, orphan story. I never understand why people want her to be an orphan canon to the show. It's done to death and I am instantly uninterested on anything related to it.

Also I hate human comes to Equestria to save the day type stories. I know some people wish they can save Equestria from a giant god monster and then be al up in pony pussy afterward but it's been overdone on the site.

I really wish there was more slice of life + human stories. Like seriously, life is interesting and crazy, it has its ups and downs. Why does that not interest people? I get that many seem to use the tired old cliches like eat one of Applejack's apples and acting like it's the best thing they ever ate or having an interview with Twilight about humanity; But just because it's a cliche doesn't mean you can't add something new to it!
It can be argued that every piece of fiction has had inspiration from at least another piece of fiction, you wanna know why people haven't died of boredom for the last couple of centuries or so? Because despite all the 'inspired by' and 'based off of', people constantly add something to it to keep things fresh.

I'm sorry for going on this little rant and for the fact this doesn't have much to do with the subject at hand, but its late and I'm not all that there at the moment. :twilightsheepish:

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