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Still Alive and Updates are Coming Soon! · 7:32pm Apr 25th, 2015

Hey there everyone how are you!

I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating like I should have but don’t worry, I have been working on my fics and the newest chapter of A Swordsman’s Path to Redemption will be out within the next few days, maybe a week tops because I have finals. I have been working on my Sephiroth fic as well as Seeing is Believing.

Again, I am sorry that I haven’t been posting chapters and updates like I should. There have been some problems that have occurred in my life but they have been resolved peacefully. A friend of my sister told us that they needed a place to stay so me and my family let them stay with us so they could sort some things out. Things didn’t go as planned but we figured that they were simply going through a hard time.

They took advantage of my family’s kindness for the past 3 months. She was getting more and more disrespectful towards us. My father who is disabled falls sometimes because he has trouble walking, right? Well when my father fell he had trouble getting up. Our friend just walked by our father and paused for a moment, stared at him for a few seconds and walked off leaving him there. Luckily me and siblings walked into the room and help our father up and made sure that he was okay. Don’t worry, he’s ok.

Anyway, our bills have more than doubled since she started staying with us! She has been very …testy… with us. My family and I eventually decided that it was time for her to go. We made sure that she had a place to go first before we told her that she had to go. My sister and her friend were the ones that handled it, my sister told me to take my dad out to see some family so he wouldn’t have to deal with the stress of the situation, so I did. He had a good time. My sister and her friend were very nice. The reason why my sister had her friend come over was because she was worried that our guest would get violent. Luckily that did not happen.

Anyway the main point that I was trying to get to is this is one of the main reasons why I haven’t been able to get my fics updated as quickly as I wanted to. But our guest left yesterday and the college semester is ending on the 5th of May, so I will be able to do a lot more writing and updates for the stories. Too be honest college was not the main thing that kept me from update my fics, it was our house guest.

But expect new chapters for all of my fics, also good news!

It was just announced last month that Hasbro is currently making the 6th season of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. YAY!!!!!!

Here's a cute picture!

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Comments ( 5 )

Yay for you finally out to make more chapters, fuck your guest right in the eye because of the total bitchiness, Yay for season 6, and yay for your dad having a nice time:twilightsmile:

Thank you my friend!:pinkiehappy:

Just keep up your time and do it at your own pace bro :).

Nice to see you back as well.

Look on the bright side, your guest is finally out, and as long as the material in your fics isn't rushed then we're all good:pinkiesmile:

Yea a new chapter

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