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    Explanation on delay

    Hello everypony! I know what you're all thinking and no, I'm not dead. Me and my stories are still very much alive.

    I am currently having trouble with gaining access to a computer. My laptop died on me. Luckily all of my progress on my fics and chapters were backed up on flash drives.

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    New Story Idea and a New Story Posted

    I have a new story idea that I have wanted to do for a while. The name of the story is The Return of a Legend, here is a preview of it.

    “Doctor Oliver, what is the human world’s law enforcement like?” A scientist asked as he sat in the auditorium.

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    News about A Swordsman's Path to Redemption

    A Swordsman's Path to Redemption has just been featured at 9:09 AM on 5/25/2015!:pinkiehappy:

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    You've all been asking me about when the next chapter to Seeing is Believing. Well good news, I've started the on the next chapter!:pinkiehappy:

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    A new story idea for the distant future

    I've had this story idea stuck in my head for the past 6 months. It's an anthro story that stars Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, it will have the mane 6 but they come in much later in the story

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New Story Idea and a New Story Posted · 12:06am Jul 12th, 2015

I have a new story idea that I have wanted to do for a while. The name of the story is The Return of a Legend, here is a preview of it.

“Doctor Oliver, what is the human world’s law enforcement like?” A scientist asked as he sat in the auditorium.

“It really depends on where you live. But it is pretty much the same, they all protect and serve the public and uphold the law.” Professor Oliver explained to the auditorium of scientists and historians.

The young professor was originally a highschool teacher, he was a professor but he loved teaching and helping to mold the young minds of tomorrow.

Many more questions were asked to which he answered them all.

The six mares that found him and helped him were all listening to him intently. Rarity was asking him about earth’s fashion which he happily answered her on all of it. Twilight asked him about his world’s science, economy, and history. Fluttershy asked about earth’s animals. Applejack asked about farming techniques that his world had. Rainbow Dash asked about sports and what she called ‘awesome events’. Pinkie Pie asked about how his world partied. He answered every question with a smile.

As he answered the questions he couldn’t help but think about how he came to Equestria.

He was just sitting in his grading papers one night until the whole house shook. When it was over he walked outside and saw that he was on world inhabited by anthro ponies. Luckily they were all friendly. How he ended up in Ponyville was still beyond him but he made sure to show that he came in peace. He was very grateful that he that his home came with him.

The elements of harmony became fast friends with him. One of the most memorial moments of when he first came to this world was when Twilight found out that he had his own personal library. He carried multiple copies of each and every book. He was more than happy to give her some of the extra copies. When she ran into the giant library she couldn’t believe how big it was. It could easily rival the royal Canterlot archives.

Oliver could only laugh and tell her that he loved to read a lot.

The princess heard of an alien arrival and came to see what was happening. To his surprise she was quite nice and welcomed him to Equestria.
That was 2 weeks ago.

As he finished his lectured he decided to go back home. Oliver was quite happy with being in this new world, he really didn’t do much but teach and that was it. That and think of the good ol’ days as he put it.

But this was a nice change of pace. He was making friends and managed to work at the nearby school, Miss Cheerilee became a good friend very fast.

One of the things that surprised him was when Twilight told him of the Elements of Harmony. He busted out laughing. When she asked him why he said that it remind him of the ol’ days with him and his friends. He told her that he was part of a similar group. When she asked him about it he simply said it’s a secret as he smiled big.

***Two weeks later***

“Seriously, what is with this town and supernatural bad guys attacking!....On second thought I’m not one to talk considering where I used to live.” Oliver said as he dodged a punch from one of the many changelings. He had spent many years studying martial arts and it was definitely coming in handy right now.

A hard punch sent him flying backwards. As he tumbled to the ground, Queen Chrysalis approached him with a giant sword in hand and laughed.

“You weakling, did you really think that you could beat me! By the time the elements of harmony get here you’ll be dead!” She laughed as twenty five changelings surrounded him.

As he tried to get up fell back down. He knew he was screwed but he couldn’t even fight back at this point. When he tried to get up again he was met with the same result but this time something fell out of his pocket. Something he hadn’t seen in years. Something that could easily change the tide of battle if used right. He quickly snatched it up and forced himself to stand. Luckily it worked. He was standing, albeit barely.

“Before I kill you, tell me your name so I may write it on your tombstone.” Chrysalis laughed.

“My name is Tommy Oliver!” He shouted as his body was engulfed in a neon green light.

When the light cleared Chrysalis saw something that made her jaw drop.

“And it’s morphin’ time.” He said as he drew his dagger and lunged at the changlings.

The best part is that the first chapter to this story has already been posted!:pinkiehappy:

The story can be found here:

It will be glorious!:pinkiehappy:

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Comments ( 8 )

Sweet stuff pal.

*cries a sincle tear*(i realy did btw)

my favret show curentaly airing

my faverate auther

my favret power ranger of all time


its a dreame come true

3234478 I've never really cared much for the displaced stories, I have nothing against them, it's just that displaced stories are not really my cup of tea. There are few exceptions of course.

Point is, I love doing anthro herd crossovers!:pinkiehappy:

3234690 Dude i LOVE anthro herd crossovers

i jut dont like the steriotypes displaced stories have

3234959 I know what you mean. I hate how the human is always banished for no apparent reason.:raritydespair:

When r u going to post this chapter please at least try to finish the two parts before my birthday comes which is the 20th of this month please:applecry::raritycry::fluttercry: it'll be a great birthday gift or early gift for me because I'm maybe one of the biggest fans​ of power rangers but I love this story alot please upload it and keep me posted I can't stand the long wait any longer:pinkiecrazy::raritydespair:

3249589 I went there and found no new chapters:twilightangry2::flutterrage::fluttercry::applecry::raritycry:

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