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    Explanation on delay

    Hello everypony! I know what you're all thinking and no, I'm not dead. Me and my stories are still very much alive.

    I am currently having trouble with gaining access to a computer. My laptop died on me. Luckily all of my progress on my fics and chapters were backed up on flash drives.

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    New Story Idea and a New Story Posted

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    “Doctor Oliver, what is the human world’s law enforcement like?” A scientist asked as he sat in the auditorium.

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    A new story idea for the distant future

    I've had this story idea stuck in my head for the past 6 months. It's an anthro story that stars Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, it will have the mane 6 but they come in much later in the story

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A new story idea for the distant future · 11:10am Apr 27th, 2015

I've had this story idea stuck in my head for the past 6 months. It's an anthro story that stars Spike and the Cutie Mark Crusaders, it will have the mane 6 but they come in much later in the story

The Genres that it will fall under will be Anthro, Romance, Dark, Comedy, Adventure. It will have clop in it but that will happen much later on in the story when the characters are older are a little older.

Here's a preview of the story but keep in mind it will be a while before I can even begin on this fic. The reason will be listed below.

Bullets were flying and whizzing by as the helicopter’s door gunner fired round after round of his machine gun at the oncoming Russian soldiers that who were firing their weapons at the helicopter and its occupants.

Spike, Sweetiebelle, Applebloom, and Scootaloo were all crying and sobbing as they were all hugging each other in fear and terror.

“MAKE IT STOP!!!” Sweetiebelle screamed at the top of her lungs as she covered her ears with her hands as she began to have a mental break down as she sobbed uncontrollably.

“KEEP YOUR HEADS DOWN!!!” The door gunner shouted to the three anthro fillies and dragon as he continued to fire the machine gun, bullets ripping through the charging Russian soldiers. The chopper was still on the ground. They still had one last guy to pick up. He was the most important member of their organization.

Spike was terrified. How they ended up in this world was beyond him. But all he knew was that he was in some strange flying machine that a creature called a human put them into.

The human that they met saved their lives. He found them stranded in the middle of nowhere. They never even heard the man sneak up on them. But when they saw him they coward in fear, he immediately held up his hands saying that he meant them no harm. He gave them food and water as he lead them to safety. Who this guy was Spike didn’t know at all, but he was thankful that he turned out to be a nice guy. They ran into a bunch of enemies which the man took down silently and stealthily.

The man asked them what they were to which they explained, if the man was surprised then he didn’t show it. When they asked where they were he told them that they were on planet called earth in a country called Afghanistan. He managed to lead them to a strange flying machine which he said would take them to safety. He said he still had some things to do so they would have to wait before he could take them out of the area. They were scared to death of these strange creatures that were on board, but they quickly found out that the people on board were quite nice and cool. But when they received the call to pick up the mysterious man things went to Tartarus as they flew down to what was literally a warzone. They saw countless soldiers firing at them. How they were still alive was beyond the four Equestrians.

As the gunfire tore apart the oncoming onslaught of Spetsnaz they saw a man running through the battle field at top speed. Spike was worried that the man would not make it as one of the Spetsnaz fired a series of shots at him only for the man to do a quick roll and fire a shot from his pistol which found its way into the Spetsnaz’s skull. Another Spetsnaz lunged at the man with a combat knife only for him to grab him by the wrist, disarm him, and slam him down to the ground hard in one fluid motion. Knocking the Spetsnaz out. The man ran to the helicopter and dove in.

The man grabbed his assault rifle that was on his back and began firing as the helicopter rose off of the ground and took off. The man’s shots were deadly and almost always found their mark much to Spike’s horror.

After five minutes they eventually got out of the hot zone and began flying over the ocean. The man closed the door to the helicopter and sat down in a seat that was across from them. All the soldiers and the pilots were silent but they looked at the kids with sad expressions at the fact that they had to witness the horrors of combat.

Everyone was silent. All they listened to was the sound of the thumbing sound from the choppers blades cutting through the air along with the humming of the aircrafts engines.

Eventually the man broke the silence as he stared at the sobbing fillies and dragon.

“I’m sorry that you all had to see that… But this is the type of thing that I face just about everyday.” He said with a tired voice and empty eyes that carried deep sadness in them.

“W-We want to go home. B-Back to E-Equestria!” Sweetiebelle sobbed as Spike and Applebloom all held her as they sobbed. They man sighed as he ran a hand through his long chestnut hair.

“I’ll be honest with you kids...The chances of you kids getting back home to your world does not look good. To be honest, I have no idea how interdimensional travel works.” He said with a look of regret.

“NO!” Applebloom cried as she began to rock back and forth the fetal position as she kept screaming.

“I WANNA GO HOME! I WANT APPLEJACK! I WANT BIG MAC! I WANT GRANNY SMITH! I WANT MISS CHEERILEE!” Applebloom panicked as she had a mental breakdown.

At this time a very young woman with brunette hair quickly ran up to the crying 14 year old and pulled her into a tight hug. The man knew her. Her name was Jenifer but everyone back at the base called her Jenny. It was a well-known fact that she loved horses. She grew up in North Carolina on her family’s ranch raising horses. She had a heavy southern accent and a very big heart. That’s why she became a doctor. She was the on board medic for the current operation.

Jenny held the quivering 12 year old filly as she stroked her main. She was surprised at how human like the pony looked. She looked like she was a mix between a human and a pony. She gently stroked Applebloom’s red mane as she cooed sweet loving words to her.

“It’s okay sweet heart. It’s okay. We’re find a way to get you and your friends back home. But in the meantime ya’ll will be staying with us, okay.” She said as sweetly as she could to the little filly as she could who nodded as she continued to stroke her mane which had a tremendous calming effect on her. Eventually Sweetiebelle and Scootaloo walked over to the woman who showed them the same love and affection that she showed Applebloom.

Jenny saw that Spike was still sitting in front of the man with the chestnut hair. He had a broken look in his eyes.

“Come here darlin’ you need some lovin’ too.” Jenny said with a sad sympathetic smile to the young drake.

“Thanks, but they need it more than I do. B-Besides, losing my cool will only m-make things worse and it won’t get us anywhere.” Spike said shakily. The man took notice of how Spike was struggling to maintain in control of his emotions. To be honest he was quite impressed that Spike didn’t break down crying like his friends.

“Well I’ll always be here for you and your little friends in case you change your mind.” She said with a sad smile as she gave the three fillies kisses on their foreheads.

“C-Can’t your g-government help us?” Spike asked with a small hint of hope in his eyes.

“Kid… I’m going to be brutally honest with you on this one. You’re lucky that you ran into me instead of anyone else. If you went to any government on this world, you and your friends would have been hauled off to some top secret military science lab and either be dissected or subjected to painful experiments or probably both.” He said, shattering the young drakes hope which caused the three fillies to cry even harder. Jenny shot the man a dirty look to which he scratched the back of his head with a look on his face that said “Crap, I shouldn’t haven’t said that.”.

“Like Jenny said I’ll try to find a way for you all to get back to your world. Who knows, I’ll might find something about getting back to your world on one of my missions. I’ll also have my research and development department to find a way for you kids to get back home. Some of the brightest minds and scientists of this world are back at our base of operations. But until then, you’ll be staying with us, so you don’t need to worry about anyone trying to dissect you or anything with me and my guys around. Oh and don’t worry, I gave everyone at the base the heads up about you kids.” The man said.

“Thanks…But how are we going to survive, no offence but this world doesn’t look like the nicest of places.” Spike asked as his hands shook.

“I’ll teach you.” He said which surprised the kids.

“I would never force you kids to fight. But I think it’s best if you learn how to fight, in fact me and my friends will teach you. But I’ll be training you all personally. Besides, Jenny will be with you every step of the way too, it seems that she’s taken a liking to you all and you to her. Don’t worry kids, I’ll make sure you all find a way home. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned it’s that if there’s a will then there’s a way.” The man said finally cracking the first smile that the Equestrians had ever seen the man give.

Jenny’s mouth dropped at what her commanding officer had just said to the young dragon. But her look of surprise quickly turned to a warm and gently smile.

“T-Thanks, but I have to ask… Who are you?” Spike asked as he saw that they were approaching a giant military base that was out on the middle of the ocean.

At this time the man pulled out a cigar and lit it. He took a few puffs of the Tobacco product before answering the young drake.

“A lot of people call me ‘Big Boss’ but you kids can call me Snake.” There new mentor said as he took a drag from his cigar.



(The video game has to come out first before I can even write this fic, plus I have to have time to play it...Just saying.)


Also, tell me what you think of my OC Jenny.

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Comments ( 8 )

Holy shit, that idea is interesting.

Me likey, considering MG history on weird stories it works perfectly.

P.S.: whats with you and eyepatch wearig badasses?

3021148 Just a coincidence really. But Snake has always been a favorite character of mine. What do you think of my OC Jenny.

3021139 Glad you like the idea. I plan on bringing the mane 6 in later. What do you think so far?:pinkiehappy:

3021192 She is a nice add, most likely she will be the motherly figure for the CMC, maybe Spike if the age gap is not too big, in my opinion with a few tweaks this could be a prologue, the rest of the story could be told between flashbacks and present events.
i assume you will either bring the mane 6 to MG world or have this war somehow reach equestria, could be interesting to see Celestia and the others react to Spike and the other so changed by what happened, since there is romance i assume it will be between Sweetie and Spike, sparity much?, either existing or existed.
As for their roles i can see spike being big boss like, applebloom a mechanic, Scoots a medic and Sweetie as a sniper, whats the name on naked chick on the new game again?,
either way, thats what i believe you will do, if not and you liked the ideas, feel free to steal from me.

TOO MANY STORIES! Stop making so many good story idea's your hurting my head:raritydespair:. But it sounds good my friend.:twilightsmile:

3022099 Don't worry, that's actually the last idea I have. I'm not going to make anymore. Besides it will be half a year before the game actually comes out. Also my writing skills have been getting better and faster. But don't worry, I'll make sure that I work on all of the stories.:pinkiehappy:

3022249 Yay:yay:. Now I only have to help you with ideas and all that stuff and it will make my head hurt again because of awesomeness:raritydespair::pinkiehappy:

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