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Welcome to my mind. It's a random and often dark (sometimes even dirty) place. Lanterns and bleach have been provided for your convenience and are located on the table in the corner. Enjoy your stay.

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Sketch for Chapter 7 · 6:17pm Apr 17th, 2015

I've been working on a sketch for the last five or six days. It's a view of an upcoming landscape in my fanfic The Legends of Lore. It should show up in chapter 7. You can also find it over on my DeviantArt page with all my other sketches and concept drawings.

No matter what I tried, the scanner wouldn't pick up the more subtle shading in the sketch, but I think it came out pretty well despite that. The details on the mountain city also aren't as clean as I would like, but my hand kept cramping up while I was doing them, so I'm just glad they aren't completely horrible.

The carvings on the arch are in both elvish script and dwarvish runes. A gold star and a lama for your DA account to anyone who can PM me a successful translation of either of them. :trollestia: I had planned to also have it in draconic, but the translation ended up being far to long to fit so I had to leave it out, which is a real shame because the draconic runes are pretty cool.
P.S. The last dwarven rune on the left was partially cut off by the scanner. It should be "<" Good luck!

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