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I am a girl who got into My Little Pony Friendship is Magic 7 years ago. And I've finally decided to try and write fanfics, so...yeah. That's about it. If you ever want to talk feel free to PM me.

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As Happy As I've Ever Been · 12:21am Mar 19th, 2015

Like the title says, I feel as close to happy as I've ever gotten from what I've just done.:pinkiehappy:

This is pretty much me right now:

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That's good to hear

what have you just done?

2890089 I'm sure it won't last, but I'll take it while I've got it.

That's great to hear. :twilightsmile:

2890093 Gotten ridden of HudsonHawk as a "friend".

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What ya do to get so happy?

2890096 Yeah, and I'm not mad anymore, just so you know.:raritywink:

2890099 Uh...okay.:unsuresweetie:

2890100 Gotten rid of HudsonHawk as a "friend."

Ah... I see.
Gonna guess some things happened. I shant pry.

2890108 I'm sure it's only temporary, but I'll take it.:twilightsmile:

2890111 It's an impossibly long story to tell in order for me to explain it anyway, so...you're probably better off not asking. Though I wouldn't have seen it as prying.

2890113 It will never be temporary to me, since your finally happy! *grabs into a hug* I'm so happy...that you finally are happy. What brought about this sudden happy times? And sorry for sudden hugs:twilightsheepish:

2890119 *hugs tightly* Getting rid of HudsonHawk as a "friend". And I don't mind the hugs; hugs are nice.:twilightsmile:

2890122 Alright, and I'm glad that you got rid of someone that was probably making you feel bad. I'm just glad your happy, and I also like hugs, hugs are nice.

2890130 He was really making me feel like shit a lot. And he was the reason I nearly jumped off the roof earlier this month.

2890106 Sorry, I've spent too much time on facebook. But it's always great to hear people feeling good.

2890133 THAT PIECE OF SHIT!:flutterrage: But as long as your okay and safe then I'm perfectly fine.

Congrats, may he rot in H***. :twilightsmile:

2890140 i'm fine for right now, and I was stopped from jumping so...yeah, I'm fine.

2890149 Yeah...as long as your okay my friend:twilightsmile:

2890158 For tonight at least I am.:scootangel:

2890163 Yeah...and what would happen if I say I was talking to him? But as long as your happy I'll be glad a friend is happy.:twilightsmile:

2890177 What did you tell him? And what did he say?

2890179 I really should've done this a hell of a lot sooner.:facehoof:

2890181 I asked him if it was you, he said it was and I just said 'As long as you know you fucked up then that's fine. I know it's private and stuff so I won't push' and he didn't say anything.

EDIT: He just said he thought he was a nice guy but he fucks things up. Not sure if I should be talking behind his back like this but meh

2890188 Meh, why should I care anyway? He's not a part of my life anymore and never will be again.

2890189 Yeah, I'm now turning into a middle man talking to you and him at the same time, getting details from you while lying that I don't know the 'private' stuff.

2890202 I saw. I'm kinda stalking his blog.:twilightblush: And as for "privacy", ask me whatever you want and I'll answer right here in public. I don't give a damn about what he wants anymore. He hurt me more than my father has, and that's something I thought was impossible.

2890208 Dear god:applejackconfused: well...how did this all start?

2890212 One of us followed the other and we started talking on one of our page's when he noticed something was wrong, so we started talking in PMs. I told him...pretty much everything. There's only one person on this site who i told more than I told Hudson.

2890218 Me? Or someone else?

2890220 Jordan179. And he hasn't done anything to hurt me, so don't worry about that. He's a really close friend.

2890223 As long as you have friends to help you out then don't worry:twilightsmile: Besides, I know a guy named 'Kabuto901' who's been in your position too many times before and all his friends helped him out through his sadness jams.

2890227 Ooooooh shit. I owe him an apology. Thanks for telling me that.

2890231 Kabuto? Well...yeah I suppose. He thinks that he always fucks up even though he's probably one of the best people I know. He can help you so much I just know it.

2890237 Eh...he tried to. And I told him to fuck off. :twilightoops: I just sent him an apology though and unblocked him.

2890241 Wow...damn woman did you need to be that mean to someone that shared your problems and tried to help you?

2890251 I didn't know he shared my problems at the time. He hadn't made that clear. He was just being kinda annoying and I snapped.

2890253 And no, you did not make things worse. Also, I'm sorry if I came off as rude earlier.

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