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Author's note from MitD chapter 12 · 5:35pm Mar 15th, 2015

(Posted here because it is huge and I don't want it on my chapter anymore)

A lot of opinion slinging concerning a story similar to MitD has been going on (some more than others, but I digress). Celestia's Prophet is the name. Well, here's my official verdict. It shares a similar premise but little else as no doubt many other stories do. Sure the idea sounds similar, but so did mine with Millennium (also a good read). Plenty of people have had similar ideas as I have been told. Celestia's Prophet is pretty good if I say so myself, and I say go give it a read (just be sure to not be mean or scathing, please. I think we should always respect one another).

If you have been one of the many to stick up for me, I give you my sincerest thanks. I simply do not want Aegis Shield to think badly of any of you guys, cuz y'all are swell. Better yet, think of the stories on the multi-verse side of things. If one occasion of an instance is possible, an infinite number of similar to near identical occurrences are not only possible but undeniable. In saying that, similar ideas can exist together in harmony without anger or undo malice being raised.

This long-winded author's note leads me to a second issue. That issue is people losing their chips over "similar stories" from both ends. I have gotten my fair share of hate, even as far as people insulting me, my work, and sharing those insults all around. Even insulting my intelligence, which is the sort of insult that I thought this community would frown upon, but perhaps was mistaken. I find that sort of thing immature, but I'm not one to judge.

Let me at least say this, take notes from my bestest and infamous heckler/devil's advocate/critic Alondro. I love him, he is the best critic I could ask for. He utterly and mercilessly slams the build-up, the plot, and the overall flow of MitD which gives me ample and extensive views on how the entire story is set up. He points out plot issues, brings up concerns about character development, gives me ideas (maybe without realizing it but that's okay by me). My story has improved in my mind because of him. I know he might not enjoy my story too much, but his comments are very critical and has improved my performance (as I see it), as well as engaging in well-thought-out debate. Things have gotten heated a few times, but it's always been very interesting to see what intellectual skirmishes can happen. I enjoy conflict so long as all parties remain cordial.

Insults about my character as a person, my intelligence, and then slandering me to others does none of these things. Granted, my English sometimes leaves something to be desired, but it is something I seek to constantly improve. If you want to be critical, follow Alondro's example, being critical and being insulting are different. And no, this is not me pandering. I'm a clinical-study psychologist and a paratrooper/former drill sergeant. I pander to no one. Apple-polish does no one any favors.

If anyone desires to continue insulting me (at least some with the respect to do it over PM), consider some common decency first. All my good friends who have discussed Celestia's Prophet on my behalf, there is no need (though thank you for coming to my defense). I consider it not only a good story but pretty original, just with a similar premise. Just because two things have something in common does not mean one is stolen from the other. No need to continue saying "It's just like MitD." Never forget Pablo Picasso said "good artists copy, great artists steal." I'm not saying anything was stolen, but if one of the masters has said this then it leads to the concept that "true originality comes from the use of an idea, not the idea itself." This rant will only be up for 24 hours before being transferred to a note, massive text wall complete.

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I feel ya. I didn't even realize it until you mentioned it in your authors note.

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