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    Unfortunately on Hiatus

    I really hate to say it, but until further notice, Kingdom Hearts: Friendship's Turmoil will be on hiatus. :ajsleepy:

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Valentines Update · 8:58am Feb 7th, 2015

It may not be Valentines when this is uploaded but it's the closest holiday so I'm stickin' with it.

I figured I should give everyone an update, since I've been falling way behind on a majority of my stories. It only seemed fair. In all honesty, I feel like I need vacation from writing fanfiction, but I dunno. When I think I should do that, it makes me feel like I wouldn't get anything done. I mean, my stories already update super slow; why should I throw a vacation in the mix too? But overall, I've had a lot of stuff on my mind, so much so I feel like I can't type decently without feeling like it isn't what everyone deserves. And the longer I postpone my writing, I more I think it needs to be better. So I'm always second guessing myself. Sometimes I'll have bouts of typing frenzy, when I can just type and feel like it's good. But that's when I'm not distracted by the internet.

Also, it probably didn't help that I got into Littlest Pet Shop during Winter Break. Not many people like it (or choose to ignore it), but man, I love that show. It's as great as MLP in my opinion. Heck, I was typing a story for that even though I have three unfinished stories here! Maybe I do need a vacation or something.

Just letting you guys know I'm still trying to get those chapters out, and keeping them as good as possible too.

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