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    When You Expect the Littlest of Things

    Hi all. This is something that I wasn’t expecting, at all. Thank you guys for liking my latest story “Twilight Wants a Cookie”. I sorta wrote that story as a joke for no reason. It literally just came to my head out of nowhere.

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    Yes, I’m still writing. Sorta. Just not as much as I use to. But here’s another fun/stupid story idea I had in mind for a bit. Thought I’d try and bring at least a laugh or two. May not be “funny” but I gave it a shot. Why not, eh? Hope you all enjoy it.

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    How’s Everyone?

    I know I haven’t been posting blogs and stories lately, but it doesn’t hurt to check in, right?

    I always wonder if so many people still use this site after the show ended a few years ago.

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    9 Years

    Happy ninth anniversary old friend. Can’t believe how much time is going by.

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Alone With Cutie Mark Crusaders. · 3:45am Feb 3rd, 2015

Sup my headbangers. I hope you guys are still rockin' out. I was thinking, since I'm still going on with the "Alone With..." series. i'm planning on doing the Cutie Mark Crusaders. What do you guys think?

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Comments ( 15 )

Sounds like an interesting idea.

Go for it. I'm in.

that is a big hell yes from me scootaloo is my favorite pony.

this shall be awesome

Dude that's foalcon! Are you stupid?

I'm down

a most definite yes to cmc

2766940 im sure he will age them up, but I am not sure

2805263 I was making a Gabriel Iglesias reference. Sorry for the confusion. (I'm fine with not aging them up, but I'll read it regardless)


Yeah. I'm thinking about the reader being with the three filies, alone. Like. being alone with the actual three fillies. Since that I don't have an actual idea for all three of them when I make them into separate stories. Hah. LOL. :rainbowkiss:

2816834 cool bro, make that shit happen!


Aight. I have the perfect idea for it. i hope this works. I'll work on it right now.:pinkiesmile:

amazing idea, I will definitely read it just like every other entry in the series.

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