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Good Evening! I am BackroundVoice, a like minded Brony with an appetite for writing. I hope you enjoy my story's as I try my best to entertain you. Lazy is my middle name and I really like to write.

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  • 26 weeks
    New Story and Light Novel Contest

    Hey everypony, been a while.
    Well, I just came to say that if you’re interested I’ve begun co-writing a light novel for a contest over on Honeyfeed.
    It’s called Romantadox. And it’s about a trans dimensional girl named Ethel, and her alternate selves breaking the multiverse apart in order to save it, and her two best friends, Ame and Naoko.

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  • 170 weeks
    Soul Caliber 6 Twitch Stream

    Yo i’m Twitch streaming if you care to watch


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  • 206 weeks
    The state of Twilight of Iron & The Symphony of Combat

    This is just a post to tell y'all what I've been up to.
    I know I haven't posted a new chapter for either of the stories above, but that is because I have been working on a book to be published. And as of right now, I have come to prefer releasing a large number of chapters at once if not the whole complete story.

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  • 245 weeks
    Being Honest with y'all.

    Hello to the people who follow my work here on FiMfiction.
    I kinda wanted to write this to let you know where I am as an aspiring writer and just where I am as a human being in general.
    I love to write!
    And I really don't want to ever stop writing cool stories about my favorite MLP characters.

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  • 267 weeks
    Returned, and Ready to write.

    Whats up everypony!!

    BackroundVoice is back, and I'm ready to write!!!

    I will be releasing a new chapter of Void Walker pretty soon, and a few other stories I hope you'll like!

    As always I hope you stay classy and it's good to be back!!!

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Distractions... Distractions Everywhere... · 5:14pm Nov 22nd, 2014

Life just doesn't want me to write.
Either that, or Life is telling me that I need a career change.

Professional Team Magma Grunt doesn't sound half bad.

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