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Good Evening! I am BackroundVoice, a like minded Brony with an appetite for writing. I hope you enjoy my story's as I try my best to entertain you. Lazy is my middle name and I really like to write.


This story is a sequel to Fighters Don't Have Friends

We rejoin our hero, Twilight Phoenix Sparkle, stronger, faster, and madder than ever, as she takes on the professional fighters league, 'The Ring'. That only means tougher brawlers from here on out, as she attempts to reach the top and fulfill her promise to Vinyl.
Will she triumph? Or will she forever be a remnant of Vinyl Scratch's shadow? As the number one fighter of the Crystal Empire, Regal (Octavia Melody), shows her that fighting is just as predictable as sheet music. And the elusive 'King' is supposedly there as well. Which leaves just two questions. What will Twilight do when she finds him? And will she ever forgive him?

And huge thanks again to Kani for doing the sequel artwork!
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Fighters live for their next battle. They fight until they taste the dirt of defeat. But that was never supposed to be a part of Twilight Sparkle's schedule. Once, she was a promising student for Unicorns everywhere, and now... She's a bar fighter.
She says she'll leave Ponyville one day and return to her life as an accomplished scholar. But her new "friends" at Knuckle Brick Corner have made that more difficult than it needed to be.
Now she'll either have to learn to fight or learn how to fight better. As Equestria's rising contender for the most skilled fighter. Starting at the bottom of the loser's bracket.

Special thanks to kani! For drawing the awesome cover for this story!
Please check out the great artwork on kani's deviantArt page! (Click here for Art!)

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This story is a sequel to Destiny : Twilight Voidwalker

After the battle of Sepiks Prime, Twilight has been searching desperately for a warp drive in order to join her friends further out into space. But some of them don't think she should. And when an old friend returns to the Tower, Twilight will learn that some choices will lead to broken friendships.

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The empire of Equestria is falling apart, and the only thing that can stop it is the Yoso no Chowa. Ancient blades able to save the world in times of need. And if wielded by a true Hero, Evil will never prevail. But Death came for Starlight.
Starlight Glimmer escaped the massacre of her hometown and death as a Stranger calling herself Twilight Sparkle saved her life from the corrupt Royal Equestrian Army. Now the Yoso no Chowa must be located before Empress Celestia can find them, and save what's left of their beloved country.
Starlight seeks to become a Hero to her people, Twilight only seeks to take that which Celestia had taken from her. Two forms of Justice is better than one. But who will stand by who when the time comes to face their fears, and who will be the wielder of the Yoso no Chowa?

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One crippled Equestrian society, one chance to save it, and fifteen-thousand potential heroes to live the legend. Join Twilight Sparkle as she lives a second life to defend Equestria one last time. Action, suspense, and Pony-Puns await you.

Thank you to Piecee01 for making this amazing artwork. Please go support his awesome artwork on deviantart!!

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