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New AoH chapter! · 1:48pm Nov 17th, 2014

That's right! I've updated Arsenal of Harmony with a brand-new, shiny, exciting second chapter! And seeing as I gained hundreds of maybe a dozen or so new followers thanks to my amazingly insightful cultural commentary late-night rants on my blog, I thought I'd notify you all this way.

And for those who haven't been following AoH before, a word of warning: I write slowly. I often lose interest in ponies (and inspiration for stories about them) completely for one or two months at a time; as a result of one of those hiatuses, this chapter has been on the shelf in near-finished form since the beginning of September.

Right now, my aim is to finish the third chapter – which, in my current estimation, will be about as long as the first two combined – before Hearth's Warming Con in late February. As for the rest of the story, I think a realistic schedule would be one act a year, with the story being divided into four acts. (The upcoming third chapter will conclude Act I).

So yes, updates will probably be several months apart, and the entire story may well take three or four years to be completed. That's the way it is. I want to finish AoH eventually, and I think the best road to that goal is through a realistic schedule, which takes my random hiatuses into account rather than pretending they won't happen.

Rest assured, guys: as long as I have one paragraph of Arsenal of Harmony left to write, I'll always come back here eventually.

Love and tolerance,


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