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Raise the Banners! · 2:19pm Dec 22nd, 2014

Notice something about Fimfiction? That's right: the banner images are gone.

Until today, a fine selection of pony art graced the top of any page you visited on Fimfiction. There was even a neat feature where you could pick and choose the images you liked, and the site would display one of those at random. Fimfiction has always been a very pleasant site to look at, and the banners were an integral part of that viewing experience: they made the whole thing more colourful, more open, more welcoming. Whenever you were pulling an all-nighter to finish that 200,000-word epic you just couldn't put down, you could always scroll to the top between chapters, to look at the banner and have a moment of peace.

Why in the name of Celestia and Luna, then, were they suddenly removed?!

I'm not usually one to throw a fuss about updates. Be it a change to Fimfiction, Facebook, Reddit or TV Tropes, I prefer to shrug, adapt and move on. But dammit, they've gone too far this time.

On user, blog, and story pages, the author's short biography now appears where the banner used to be. If you're reading this, I ask you to do as I do, and change that short biography to read: BRING THE BANNERS BACK.

Spread the word, and hopefully we can send a clear message to the mods that we loved the banners and we want them back!

Love and tolerance,


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Comments ( 2 )
#1 · Dec 22nd, 2014 · · 1 ·

You people and your banners. I never had the things on in the first place, so forgive me if I seem a bit happy to see the new look on the site.

It actually looks like the mobile site, now. Like, there's not a lot of difference anymore. I wonder if something got turned on wrong or not. I'm guessing not, since restricting the size of the page still looks like the mobile site. I would hazard a guess that the "page generated in .xxx seconds" number has something to do with it either way.

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