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These Dreams... · 5:58pm Jun 19th, 2012

So, I've been trying to write the next chapter of SCPP for a week now, and I've been forced to come face to face with an unalterable truth -- writing about mining with lasers is boring. (cue rimshot) Even if you have Pinkie Pie singing mining songs in the background.

I think I have the solution, though, so I should have something like a chapter in a few days. That's not really what this post is about.

In the shower this morning, and while I was doing my morning walk that pretends to be exercise, I saw the whole rest of the story in my head, scene by scene, with dialog and action and drama and it was so beautiful! I even had a few ideas for a sequel!

...and by the time I get home from work and can actually try to write anything down I'll probably have forgotten everything. Hell, I've probably *already* forgotten all the details that would make writing it out easy. I'll have to go by the vague mental outline and try to recreate everything from scratch. v.v

Why do I only get ideas when I'm in no position to act on them?

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This is why I have a smart phone that I can write on while I'm walking. >:)

It's actually very common for creative people to come up with ideas in the shower, while walking, while stopped in traffic, etc. The key is to have something boring that you must keep doing, but not something that takes all your concentration. This prevents you from distracting yourself with something fun (like a game, or a book, or something else you know you want to do) but doesn't distract you so much that you can't daydream about your story.

What does SCPP stand for?

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