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Hey everypony! New to the whole 'open' scene of ponies, as I have been lurking since mid season 2.

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Looking for a few pre-readers · 12:48pm Oct 17th, 2014

I'm looking for a small hoof-ful of pre-readers for Conflagration. I'd like to say that I have one steady reader already, however I'd like to get differing opinions. Maybe 2 more? I'm perfectly fine with a devils-advocate type approach if you should want to head that way.

Never done this before, so I dunno what to expect. I am willing to consider anypony, avid reader is preferred. You don't have to be popular at all, just seeking other minds to chat with.

I can hand out the chapters for review in two methods.
1. Explain what I am trying to do, where I want to go. Essentially spoil the entire storyline so that if you'd want to help me craft a better story, then you can.
2. Give the outline of where I want to go for each chapter, the points and progression as it leads to a new one. Tell you what I want the scene to look like and relay back if I got it right.

Anypony reading these and giving feed back will get credited on each chapter.
Ideally I'd like to IM over skype for faster relaying of information on each piece.

If you want to be a pre-reader, lemme know here and I'll choose at random.

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I really would want to but college stuff is getting in the way. with me trying to write my own stuff, life, and college I can't find the time.

That's understandable, thus this message.


I'm up for this, my schedule atm allows for a great deal of free-time. And I suppose I'm a an avid reader, considering i usually read 4-7 ish hours a day atm.

Not the best prof-reader, but your not asking for that anyway. But if you want to 'bounce' ideas and get feed back I'm up for it.

(only issue is that I'm in UTC+01:00 time zone, dunno if this is a problem for you of not)

That's fine. I'm usually up at night/early morning anyways, I have a few friends in/near that time zone anyway XD

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