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"Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water.”.......... I am Arya Stark. 'Nuff said. ;D

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I have FINALLY BEEN INSPIRED... · 11:54pm Sep 1st, 2014

..By THIS video.....

((No, they are not gay OR transvestites. Simple men, Peter Hollens is known for doing all his stuff a capella and Nick for his falsetto....It is actuyally pretty amazing, so listen!

ANYWAYS, it SHOULD give you a hint as to what my inspiration now is.....

Question? Comments? I shall be chugging away, so, until then, stay tuned!!!!!!!

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I sit down and imagine being Elphaba and such to help me with inspiration.






Did you see the vid? OMG, his VOICE.......

Love them all.

What a way for me to finish my memorial day.

2420931 Ain't it hilariously amazing?

Hilariously? Yes.:pinkiehappy: Amazing? No.:trixieshiftright::...Nah I'm just kidding:rainbowlaugh: just being silly:derpytongue2: in all seriousness yeah they're really good I only know a few who can pull this off so well. Respect.:ajsmug:


Oh. Wait. I can't sing. Neva mind. :derpytongue2:

2420962 Everyone can sing in their own way no such thing as a bad singer the people who have the guts to go on the X factor and sing despite some bad... oh who am I kidding:facehoof: all I can really say is that anyone can sing that's it.

2420970 Anyone CAN sings, its whether they SHOULD ;D

2420975 Exactly perfect way of putting it. Even when I sing (Yes I sing sometimes.) I make sure I'm alone.

2420986 E'zactly. Now these folks....They can sing for me or in public ANY time.

One of my co-workers has a son who got like, 17th/1000 place in Xfactor

2421019 No lie, she JUST told me today! He's only like 16 too.

2421030 Congratulations to her kid I'll wish him good luck.

2421036 Yeah, she gets off work to help him travel awwwwwwwlllll the time and its not fair! XD

2421047 Time sure does seem to go by fast.

2421057 Well the son develops like, albums and stuff and they travel to recording studios and whatnot

2421069 Yeah I can see that eating up time. But I'm talking about for everyone it seems like the clock ticks away faster for our lives until the day we meet God at the end... Sorry I'm getting to philosophical, I guess I think to much sorry. not trying to sound sad or anything just thinking.

2421077 Think away, I'm right there with you.
2421080 *Wipes a tear away from the beauty of it*

2421099 Thanks you're a good friend I mean if you consider me a friend it's understandable if you don't since I'm behind a computer.

2421118 Of course you are my friend! :D

2421123 Wow my first internet friend (I don't do Twitter, Facebook, Myspace ect ect.) cool.

2421128 Me neither!! :D

Glad to be your pal. Honored. *bows* Bc you are pretty awesome!!

2421134 Happy to be your pal to "gentlemen's bow." you are also the first person to think I'm awesome to.

2421145 That has to be a lie. Or they are all stuck in their own heads

2421169 Ha probably in which case you're the first person to say it openly.

2421181 You are an awesome person. That is my final word, and my word is LAW. So THERE. :raritywink:

2421212 I gotta say though you where the first person to follow me, first to comment on my first story, first to comment on my first blog, first to message me, first friend on the internet, first friend to say I'm awesome, and first person to call me that openly wow that some record:raritystarry: should be a personal achievement.:pinkiehappy:

2421224 My life mission is complete!!

Haha. Really though, you are worth all those 'firsts' :) I think I am gonna put you on my front page now....

2421232 Really! My friend I'm honored.:pinkiehappy:

2421243 You should do the same!! :D

2421254 Check my prof page now. ;) You made the wall....:) :heart:

2421259 You where first to do that to! You're on a roll:rainbowdetermined2:

2421264 I am goooood. *Blows smoking gun-hand*

2421276 Check out my blog you'll like what I just posted

#39 · Sep 2nd, 2014 · · ·

Well I guess it's time to listen to some good music again. You know, the style that Frozen tried to cash in on with 'First Time in Forever' and 'Let it Go'. xD

2421341 Have the soundtrack, listen to it over like 100000000000 times, and saw the play thrice. :D

#41 · Sep 2nd, 2014 · · ·

2421342 Still the most watched musical in my family next to Into the Woods. Totally worth all the hype. :twilightsmile:

2421349 They are gonna make it into a MOVIE.

NO. Just NO NO NO.

#43 · Sep 2nd, 2014 · · ·

2421350 Oh no, please no. :ajsleepy: Well, at least the writer knows how to write a decent screenplay. Still, I've had my hopes bashed way too many times to look forward to this.

What does it matter if they're gay? :applejackunsure:

2421886 Of course not. Just lots of people asked.


It belies a man's comfortability in singing with a falsetto whilst wearing a flamingo-pink tuxedo and sunglasses.

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