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    That moment when everyone has seen the Season Premiere... except for you...

    Spoilers, I see them everywhere!

    I haven't seen the new episodes yet and is really hard to avoid any spoiler when the site is full of them right now.
    Anyway, without any spoiler please, what are your thought about these new two episodes? Are they amazing? Good? Bad? Disappointing? I probably watch them tomorrow but I don't know what to expect of them.

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    Another year passed.

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    Playing Legends of Equestria

    Legends of Equestria servers are now opend for the weekend!

    If you want to join, just have to download the game for the page.
    I'll be playing it for awhile. If you wanna play it with me my name is also Midnight Sonare. Though I warn you, I don't know what to do in the game, I'm just flying around town looking for what to do. :rainbowlaugh:

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    A question for a possibly new story.

    Hey guys, I got a new "pool"! *shouting a not so excited yay*

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    New story awaiting approval!!

    I'm not dead!

    Or am I? let me check... yeah, I'm pretty sure I'm still alive.
    I'm here with good news! As the title said, I have a new story awaiting approval.

    What story are you talking about?

    Good question, Twilight! Have a cookie! *Throwing cookie*

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Uh, this is harder than what I expected · 8:44pm Aug 1st, 2014

Ok, I've been procrastinating really hard, but I have the one-shot halfway done. The problem is that I'm stuck in a fight scene. This is my first fight scene and is harder than what I thought. And making it worse I'm trying to make it funny! Because is supposed to be my first comedy fic also!

Yeah, it's been almost a week now since I'm trying to figure how to make it right. I'm better at sad and heartbreaking fics, comedy isn't my strong. But hey! One must try new things, right? Even if the first time doesn't come out very well!

I just wanted to say that. And one last thing, Derpy OP is best Derpy :yay::derpytongue2:

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Comments ( 4 )

Fight scenes are hard, yeah. Watch a lot of action movies, though; it might help.

I may be able to help. :pinkiesmile:

The only piece of advice I can give regarding writing a fight scene is that you should consider the place in which your characters are fighting. Try to think of as many objects as you can that can be found throughout the area, and how they can employ them against each other. I think that with the right amount of basic hoof-to-hoof combat (kicking. punching, etc.) and some environmental weapons (a jar of honey, sheets left to dry in someone's garden, or even a cat) you can make any fighting scene funny and exciting at the same time.

Hope that helps! :twilightsmile:

Mmmm... I never put much thought into that. Mostly because the two ponies fighting can do magic. Besides an apple missile I haven't used much the environment.
Thanks for the advice :twilightsmile:

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