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    Ah-HAH! New chapter of the Secret Service. It's only been...a year.


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    New Chapter. I write too much, perhaps.

    Will try to get the next one out quickly. No promises; I'm having issues with one of the scenes...

    Dialogue; my Achilles heel. Now I just need to find some armoured sandles.

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News · 6:49am Jul 15th, 2014

Ok! Yes! So!

I am still alive, and next chapter is, basically, good to go, but I am unable to post it right now because I am in Korea. See, when I attempt to sign in to the google to make upload to docs (and from there transfer to FiM:Fic), it tells me that I'm not signing in from where I usually do and therefore cannot let me access my account. This means that it's all good to go, but technology is getting in my way. I can't even upload Chapter 13 for my reviewers right now!

So, yes! Still alive, still writing, but universe has conspired with google against me. I should be back sometime August, so I must ask any followers that I still have to wait a mite longer. I apologize, but it isn't my fault this time, I swear!

Anyway. Go read something that'll make you happy. Like this one:

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