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The night had begun quietly for the Author. The sun had set on time, his friends were over, and since the world hadn't faced destruction in over a month, they all had decided to go visit a few bars.

After a few pints, the author got up on stage at the open mic, and accepted a challenge to a Haiku Deathmatch...

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Peace reigns in Equestria in a glorious tone that rings throughout the land. Surrounding it are rival nations, each embroiled in their own bitter struggles, each looking upon the home of ponies with envious eyes. When all around them are currupted by greed, selfishness, and bitterness, how does this nation remain free of war?

Equestria's Secret Service is an organization hidden from the public eye. These brave ponies are unknown to the populace, and their brave deeds are ever unsung. In a world brimming with cold anger, hate, and violence, they move to prevent conflicts before they ever happen.

For peace. For Celestia.

For the good of Equestria.

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