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"Swift as a deer. Quiet as a shadow. Fear cuts deeper than swords. Quick as a snake. Calm as still water.”.......... I am Arya Stark. 'Nuff said. ;D

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I really, really need some company in this dark hour for me. Anyone? :,(

So, to put it simply.

I have a fiancé. He is in the army.

We just got back last month from being AWOL for two months.
He turned himself in, great, la-ti-yay, he only had 20 days until they discharged him and he could be back in my arms.


He, like many, had several issues and some of that was child p o r n. he was getting help, and as a cuple we were working it out.

However, my parents got hint of it.

THEY CALLED THE FEDARAL ARMY INVESTIGATROS by Fiance, and investigator took Fiance's phone for investigation.

Fiance fled, now in Hawii on the streets hiding.

Now here comes the tricky part;

a) my parents have denyed ANYTHING of reporting him or even hinting they were the ones that sent the investigator on him.

How am I supposed to live with this????? They have been manipulating me and Fiance's life together since Fiance and I met, always trying to keep us apart.
We all know Fiance has mental issues. Family knew he was seeking help.
AND THEY DIDNT GIVE HIM A CHANCE; no, they saw the opportunity to split us and LUNGED.

Fiance has no family. everyone dead. Friends have been murdered. I AM THE ONLY ONE HE HAS LEFT.


Sure, they wil prob be all 'we are just protecting our daughter' and blah blah blah. But guess what? I am 19. I am of age to make my own decisions! They have NEVER let me make my own decisions. Ever.

And now, desperate to stay with me, Fiance has run, now a fugitive, with nowhere to go since he is on an island. Hawii.

Threatened my family, and normally I would defend them, but right now, family is lucky if Fiance gets to them before I do.

Don't know what to do. STicky and dangerous situation for the both of us.

What is the driving force for us? Love. Became desperation.

Fiance says he is going to kill himself before they catch and arrest him.
Fear for him, and me, because if he hurts himself, I will to. Myself that is.

Needed to vent. Going crazy here. Don't know what to do.

(Mods, if anything here you deem explicit or...needs a warning/rateing, say so, but please don't boot me! :,(

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Sweet lord, that's awful! I hope things get Bette for you and your love! It's awful your parents are driving you apart!

2279880 Isnt it?? :,( I have never been so betrayed in my life. By my OWN FAMILY.

I'd like to apologize in advance if this comment makes me sound like an insensitive prick, I don't mean to be, it's just my analysis of the situation.

I can't really say I can't blame your fiance for running off like that. If he's somewhat mentally unstable, as are the rest of us, and wants help, he wouldn't have run off. It makes him look guilty of something. He'll probably end up being dishonorably discharged because of it, and that's never a good thing for misunderstood situations.

Sounds like your parents are control freaks who think they know what's best for you when they don't even know what's best for themselves. I have an uncle like that, so I can kinda imagine what you're going through on that front.

The whole thing sounds almost Shakespearean, so I'm going to root for you two. Hope all turns out for the best.

Thank you. Really. You don't sound like a prick, you sound like a realist, and I need more of that in my life.

I meant, I'd be glad to give some moral support anytime.

2280226 Yeah. And I think I just need company during this dark hour too, ya know?

If you have Skype, my username is the same.

Bummer. If you ever decide to get a skype account, it's a free instant messaging service with free skype-to-skype calling for voice and video calls.

2280305 I lost my phone in the field, so all I have is a computer..... :/

It's a computer program. Check it out.

2280327 It wont let me on. IDK Y.

Any other places??????

2280342 So, you know how in my blog I mentioned how my parents like to make my life shit?

They have these settings where I cant download anything.

That is fucked up. I'm sorry.

2280353 I know. Welcome to my life.

If there's a library nearby, then you should be able to get it from there. If you have a usb flash drive, take it with you. The installer is only 2MB.

By the way, what do you think of this video? There's no sound yet.

This is going to be the opening for an RPG Maker VX Ace project of mine.

2280801 Wow, that is great. Cant wait to hear it with sound.

No one on this site is qualified to give legal advice about this sort of thing. You should talk to a lawyer and your fiance should turn himself in after you talk to that lawyer. Life is not like the movies where you can evade the law and live the life of a daring outlaw, running can only make things worse, the best thing to do would be to arrange for him to surrender to the police or the army.

2281483 As I have told him that too, but he is such a stubborn man sometimes... *sigh*

But thanks for the advice! Its good to hear a realist say its not a movie, which Fiance seems to think this is one big joke....

Your youth and inexperience is what is driving you to defend this man. You should consider the perspective of your parents, even if for but a brief respite from all this.

2415377 I guess.....And yeah, I am pretty inexperienced and stuff, but still...

I don't know. One big confuzzled stupid mess. *sigh*


You need to think about this. Long and hard. And you need outside context from an objective source. Are you only defending this man for sake of enacting the attractive scenario in which you "save him?" Do you truly love him for who he is? Talk to different people who knew him. Talk to your parents. You're very young. It would nearly merit a nigh cosmic lamentation were you to potentially ruin your young life by injecting yourself into the life of one who has no chance for redemption. You are as a lone flower blooming in a graveyard replete with incensing waves of nuclear heat...nothing else grows there.

2417521 I will think about what you said.....
Once I get over your vocabulary...did you MEAN to sound poetic?? Or do you talk like that all the time? Because if so......you are...so...awesome!!


I've no desire to become an elegiac narrative or a romantic parody of sorts. I'm not "awesome." I'm nothing. This is why I can advise you with such lucidity. Here I sit in this diaphanous Void wherein there be no ties to this sublunary Earth. This is helpful. But not "awesome." This is how I speak in mundane passing. Take this as you will.

2419074 I wholly disagree, lass.


"Lass?" Madame...you wound me...I am the farthest thing from a "lass" as one could possibly ever be. One couldn't mistake my silhouette for anything but that of a man. I would make a terrible transexual. I'd more resemble a bewigged, crossdressing yeti than a woman.

2423740 My sincerest apologies.


Gormless apologies be such pale succor to one who was just likened to a maiden. Now you must fetch me the very trident of Poseidon. And Apollo's golden bow and quiver. And Odin's spear. And also...maybe one of those XXL grilled stuffed steak burritos from Taco Bell...you know...if you have time. And a Baja Blast...and a soft taco...not crispy...soft...no one ever gets that fucking right...

2426916 Right away, sir! *crisp salute and scurries off*


Very good. Inform me when you've acquired the aforementioned articles. And bring me back a little bag of mild sauce. The hot and medium variants aren't to my liking.

2431261 *Returns with everything you requested, just how you requested, to the T.* Here you are, Sir, make sure to tip your hostess. :p


Very good. You've performed admirably. As your reward...or your self-proclaimed "tip," I shall make a crass joke about allotting you "just the tip." And then I shall cackle incessantly like a juvenile clown on ketamine.

2432272 ...........:rainbowlaugh:

I mean. *cough* I soooooooo didn't laugh at that joke, nope, not me, because I totally don't laugh at dry humor.

But, if it just a tip you shall give, it better be a good amount, I do have bills to pay. My jar is sorta *empty* lately if you know what I mean. Need some good sized tips to fill 'er up.

Ok im done XD


You'll receive no compensation but that of my mild approval. You don't want to press the issue, either, my dear. I'm a rather frightening individual, you see.

2432290 Frightening? Pah. Try me.


Very well. Prepare yourself...

2432348 *Braces self*
Come at me, bro.

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