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Happy (belated) Fourth of July! · 5:43am Jul 6th, 2014

Independence Day for people who care. I can think of some who don't.

Either way, to celebrate, I'm going to use my first amendment right to babble on in a blog post for so many words about what's up.

First and foremost: WRITING IS HARD. I cannot think of another author with any sort of experience trying to denounce this point.

This is probably why I keep finding myself coming back to drawing so much. Getting the picture from my head to paper is so much easier than typing out a story. Each stroke is measurable progress, a clear indicator to how close to a finished product I'm coming to. When I write a sentence, a paragraph, or even an entire scene, I'm still not 100% on how much more I have to write. Very rarely do I know exactly what I'm going to put down word-for-word. I only have words to convey the picture in my head, which is painting with a broad brush at the best of times.

Seriously, no matter how many words you use in a scene, if you asked two different people to draw what they thought of it, chances are you'd get two different results.

I'm still trying, though. A couple stories I've been following have been giving me a major boost in inspiration and spirit. One such fic I want to try their style of releasing small, episodic chapters more frequently. 2,000 words is much easier to publish than 10,000.

The next story, Next to Godliness will do this.

As for Room 213, progress is being made. I finally have decided on an ending that hits all the notes I'm looking for and is a good place to build off your eventual suggested scenes. I won't reveal too much, but you will get punched in the face.

Stars Over Manehattan also seeing headway into its part two. Coco will still be super fantastically adorable.

Most of my progress made has been in the other collab story with Kody, Bumper Crop, which we hope to have the next chapter out soonish.

So besides art being more appealing, my work schedule is another thing hindering progress. Not really news, but I want to complain about it. Weekends are the absolute worst. From Friday to Sunday, I get about 35 hours on the clock and then I'm too tired to really get anything done.

I don't know what I hope to accomplish with this journal besides more venting. But hey, for those that listened, let me dig a bit of writing out of my old collection to share so you get something for humoring me.

This is an unedited (so sorry for the lack of quality) single scene with 'You' and Applejack based on a random idea I had. ~2,500 words, SFG Rating [Cheeky].

"Applejack's Choice"

Happy Fourth again, guys.

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Well I get what you mean with writing, it is difficult. My biggest problem is not how much I write, but how much inspiration I have to write it.

I was in the progress of an episodic style story, my first story here on FimFiction, but I lost inspiration and placed it on Hiatus. Now i'm making another story to hopefully rekindle that inspiration, but as i'm coming to the final stretch of finishing the chapter....starting to lose interest even more.

I hope you will be able to finish the stories you've started and can make new ones. I love Room 213 and I hope you can finish it. ^_^

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