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Scratching Itch (Also, Where Do You Come From?) · 6:38pm Jul 27th, 2015

Wow, the votes were pretty scattered. Oh well, we had a couple come up above the rest. I have an idea that I will be working on when I can. Something quick and dirty, just for the sake of getting it out and posting something.

Not going to say who it is as I've gotten a few write-in votes, but it's still one of the front-runners in the public posts so I don't feel bad. Although, I will say that this will have two things very different than anything I've done before. And probably highly "controversial". I put controversial in quotes because it'll just be knee-jerk 'Why is this 2nd Person?' stuff; I'm calling it now.

But while we wait, despite my absence, I've still been getting near daily messages of people favoriting my stories and watching my account. Where are you guys coming from? Have I just been on your Read Later list or do you get directed from other fics? Please share below, I'd love to hear. And maybe recommend me a fic or two while you're at it if they're indeed similar to mine. I write what I like, so I'm always looking for more.

Thanks to everyone who voted!

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Comments ( 4 )

I really hope you finish that story. It's really great

I followed MONTHS ago :)

The Room story was what got me interested.

While I'm certainly not new here, I can assume most people are probably still finding your stories in much the same way I did. Some time in late 2012, when I first got into Fanfiction, I remember just scrolling through every single story that was tagged Romance and contained whatever characters I put in, and then reading them all in whatever order they popped up. Like seriously. I think on a whim I happened to use Vinyl, which led me pretty quickly to No Need for Words. I read that and thought it was amazing and then fell in love with Second-Person fics all together and whatnot, but since I was on a roll reading so many other fics, I didn't pay much attention who the author was. After doing this some more, I then stumbled across Number One and, though I didn't much care for RD herself, I decided that the Second-Person perspective might help. When I actually looked at who the author was, I noticed they seemed vaguely familiar. And then Room 213. I had seen it before whilst looking up Octavia fics, but I never read it because it was unfinished and I was a snob who didn't want to have to wait for a fic to be done for me to read it. But, when I happened to look at the author and, once again find it kind of familiar, I decided to (finally) click on the name and see how I remembered the name. When I noticed two of my earliest and most favorite fics on the list, I immediatly read through Room 213, loved it, and finally began to follow you a bit later. So, yeah, you were my favorite Fic author for a long time without me knowing.

I suppose the point of this story (other than to tell you how much I love your work and how amazing you are) is to say that most people are probably just coming here because they are scrolling through random works of fiction and seeing that yours are decently popular and receive good reviews, and then just clicking on one to find out why.

Jeez, sorry for typing a ridiculous paragraph like that, I hope that wasn't to long or arduous to read. And, upon retrospection, I apologize for melting down into an over-zealous fangirl, I hope i didn't make you uncomfortable.

I actually looked up Octavia 2nd person ( before I had my account) and found your story. It was extremely good and it made me grab this account of mine faster.

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