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I've been Tagged... · 12:21am Jun 3rd, 2012

So this guy tagged me, Dovahwin97 or something, on my page which sent me into a mild rage and banter that lasted for about half an hour before calming me down, I figured I've got nothing better to do, why not, not like I have much else to post about.

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their blog
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create eleven new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 11 people to tag and post their icons on your blog.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 11 people.

About Me:

1. I am rather fond of me spirits and drinking, what can I say.

2. I'm half Irish and a quarter Chinese, and I talk like a southern Brit thing sometimes- weird, eh?

3. I'm an optimist, I like to think if you go with the flow everything will turn out right as rain.

4. I became a brony thanks to the world of memes, more and more people started making MLP related jokes, songs, and meme images that I decided to check it out and see what fuss was about. And now I hum the theme song of my little pony when I work.

5. I haven't told anyone besides a few mates that I'm a brony, don't rather feel the need to bring up my own interests unless its to get them to check it out as well. So far, no success.

Questions I had to Answer:

1. What is a piecewise function?
- The hell kind of question is that? Bringing my old nemesis of algebra onto me most beloved of sites.... I bloody well am not answering that.

2. Who is your best pony?
- Of the mane 6 me favorite, hands/hooves down is Applejack. Ditzy Doo though always holds a specially fond place in my heart.

3. Future Goals
- To finish Rorschach in Equestria for starters, in the real world I hope to someday get a ph.D and go work for the Center for Disease Control.

4. Favorite Fatty Food?
- Fatty is half my diet, I could go for some deep fried chicken right about now.

5. One Bullet. Two Murderers. Left killed Family. Right killed thousands. Choose.
- Shoot the guy on the left cause he made it personal, and if I still have the option beat the right one to death with the gun.

6. Favorite Color
- Orange

7. What do you like about the show?
- What kind of... what isn't there to love? You've got heart wrenching adorable ponies, amazing animation, fantastic episodes, and an epic and creative community. Favorite fan base next to Star Wars.

8. You're in Equestria. Mane 6 is in heat and Spike is at your side. What would you do?
- Teach Spike that its time to be a Man and to have at it! I'll just be over there in that bunker until its all over.

9.Cheeseburgers or Burgers?
- Cheeseburgers

10. Favorite Hero
- You think I'm going to say Rorschach? Naw, Iron Man has to be my personal favorite.

11. Favorite Youtube Channel
- DasBoSchitt

The Poor Gits I've tagged:

1. n
2. MrMerrit
3. HallowedGuru
4. Sixinthehood
5. Imperius
6. Rust
7. azore24
8. Haku1013
9. Montagraph
10. Hoppy McGee
11. FluttersisAewsome


1. Best pony in your opinion?
2. If you've written fan fiction, what compelled you to write Fan fiction for My Little Pony? If you're an avid reader, why read Fan Fiction of My Little Pony?
3. Favorited author of all time.
4. Your favorite Pony related music video.
5. Favorite Food?
6. What is your favorite Monty Python skit/movie? Or if you're not a fan of Monty Python, favorite Mel Brooks movie?
7. Your favorite type of fan fiction? Romance, adventure, humans in Equestria, etc.
8. You're playing Mario Kart, which character are you?
9. One thing that people do that aggravate you.
10. If you call yourself a brony, when did you official become one? As in, at one point did you decide with some finality that you officially love this show and want to be known as a brony?
11 What is the air speed velocity of a swallow?

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Comments ( 23 )

Say... if Applejack is best pony in your opinion... you ever heard of papercraft? :ajsmug:

I don't know nearly enough people on the site to throw this at only people I know, and I don't really feel like spamming randoms. Plus, you used up half the people I would have tagged. And, besides that, NO.

Darn you. Whelp, I'd better get on it.

149851 I hardly expect you to pass this on to 11 bloody people, I did it because I simply had the means to.

So you saddle me with an impossible task and you simply assume I don't have 11 friends on here. I am hurt, good sir. Wounded in my feelings place!

11. An African or European Swallow?

149988 I am proud to say that is the answer I've most often gotten!

Shame I have to keep climbing out of that lake of fire...

Nihilos, please forgive me. I just lost respect from TAW thanks to this stupid game. Please, not you too.

150063 You knew the chances and you took them! You should feel bad now!

i'm looking at your question 5, the one you were asked not the one you're asking, and i got to thinking- why not line the bastards up, shoot the first guy and hope the bullet does the in one-side-out-the-other? that way, even if it doesn't kill the douche, it'd still cause some damage. and if the innie-outie thing doesn't work, you're no worse off.

... we've got some violent people in the brony community. slightly disturbed, but then again, i'm reading rorschach in equestria and having a good time of it.

Dude, just don't think I am some sort of git with the brain the size of a goober. I'm just sorry I wasted your time.

OH god.dl.dropbox.com/u/31471793/FiMFiction/emoticons/sillyfilly_Twilight_Sparkle.png
I remember when this showed up on youtube from the depths of the internet many, many cycles ago, now tagging has infected the sacred grounds of pony fiction.
Celestia help us all.
Slightly related:

150076 All gits are gits to me! But eh, I like answering questions... even if that first one was entirely uncalled for.

150268 Then don't spread it dammit!


11. Favorite Youtube Channel
- DasBoSchitt



150878 Oh thats nice. Thank you.

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