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"Writers are vain, selfish and lazy." ~George Orwell

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    Cool! I got a fanfic reading by Dr. Renegade (who has an accent and that makes everything better) here.

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    Final Thoughts on The Dancer—Yes, It's Done

    Yes, it's done.

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Tea · 4:09am May 20th, 2014

Octavia liked tea.

Sit tight, Dancer fans. Octavia's nearly back.

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I am guessing that is all you have written for the entire chapter? XD



(I actually have so much progress, who knew quitting made you write so quickly (but not badly)?)


2128101 Well, there was the whole thing with me quitting. That did a number on things (and hopefully inspired me to write at a much quicker rate than before).

[Internal Screaming Itensifies]

Do you need a new editor/proof-reader?

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