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Hello, I'm 007. I'm a brony (obviously) from the USA. I'm 20 and I enjoy Music, Video Games and Nightclubs. And I'm the #1 Sunset Shimmer fan. As well as the #1 Equestria Girls fan!

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    Coming out of retirement for one final story

    As many of you know. I retired and quit the fic writing business ages ago to move on to bigger and better things (Making Music and YouTube videos primarily) But I'm coming back out of retirement for one final story because this is a story I feel NEEDS to be written. And I don't care how hated it is. I don't care how autistic it makes me look. I just want it gone and out of my system. So for any

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    Is Anybody Out There? Anybody There? Does Anybody Wonder? Anybody Care?

    Def Leppard reference aside. I haven't written in months. I've gotten more into music production than writing. At least with music I don't have dipshits claiming I write self-insert music. -_-

    But regardless, does anyone still give a shit about me or my worthless fanfiction? If so I might get back into writing. If not, then I'll just retire.

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    I have been working on a couple of fics in secret recently, and these are small chunks of the ideas I've been working on:

    First is from a story titled "Pregnant Shimmer" (Working Title):

    Sunset looked up at her husband, tears in her eyes, one of the only times she was legitimately scared. Sunset was one of those tough girls, but this. This was terrifying.

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    "My Summer's Sunset" Is returning! (And boring shit about my life)

    Yep, I'm gonna start working on this story again with a co-writer. Still in the planning stages, but this story should continue soon (Hopefully)

    I am also working on other writing projects off of FiMFiction, but those are all top secret and written under an alias so no one knows it's me. :O But it should help me improve my writing. :D

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    Looking for an Editor

    I am currently looking for someone to edit my fic, "My Summer's Sunset"

    I just need someone to check for grammatical errors and correct things, since I'm too fucking lazy to use a thesaurus for a My Little Pony fanfic (Or I'm just too blind to see when I use a word too often) I need an editor to find and fix that for me.

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Procrastination FTW! · 1:34pm May 8th, 2014

So yeah, I said I'd have Chapter 3 of "My Summer's Sunset" uploaded by monday. It's now thursday and no new chapter. Why? Procrastination!

I've had a few minor ideas for Chapter 3 for awhile, but I've been procrastinating because I tried to focus on my singing hobby which failed miserably, now I'm taking up drawing (Which I haven't started on yet)

I'll try to stop being lazy. And again, sorry about that. :(

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Take your time. I don't want it rushed to my table when it hasn't even been properly cooked.


no problem mate, as long as I know im going to get my helping of My Summer's Sunset :derpytongue2: and I guess I can understand the writers block, and im sry that singing thing didn't work out the way you wanted :applecry:,

2088579 yay for metaphors!

It happens, bro. Even to the best of us. :D
Singing hobby? :3




You'll get it. And yeah, I often suffer from writer's block. And thanks, sometimes things just don't work out... :fluttercry:


Thanks for understanding.

Yeah, I wanted to pursue doing cover songs and stuff as a hobby, but my singing voice turned out to be god-awful so I gave up. :fluttershbad:

2090041 Just looking at your avatar makes me realize how much I love Sunset Shimmer. :3
That's actually not a bad idea. I think my voice is pretty good for a lot of songs out there, but yeah, actually finding the exact times of when to practice would be nuts.
Anyway, It's too bad that you gave it up. D:


Well I kind of had to give it up. My voice was terrible. No point in continuing on if my voice was crap. *shrug*

And yeah, cute sunny is best sunny. :twilightsmile:

2091641 don't think that this may sound cliché but its true, practice Practice PRACTICE makes perfect, if you don't think that will work then I cant stop ya
and hell ya cute sunset is best sunset reminds me of fluttershy in both worlds (cute factor not the character)


Been practicing since I was a kid. So it won't do any good. :applejackunsure:

I agree. :pinkiesmile:

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