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About Chains, part 2 · 9:54pm May 5th, 2014

You ever tell yourself you're going to put something on hold, and then ideas come rushing to you?

I maybe bringing Chains out of Hiatus sooner than I thought. Though nothing definite yet.

I've certainly came up with a lot of ideas for it though. Things I was going to do and decided against, and things that are actually pretty good ideas on their own.

I won't make promises as to exactly when I'll get back to putting out chapters for it, and the hiatus wont be officially over until I post the next chapter, but those of you who continue to wait with baited breath should soon be able to breath again ^^

Report BookyBrony · 326 views · Story: Chains ·
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Comments ( 8 )


Whats wrong Din?

I know the feeling exactly. :P

*cue the usual complaints about spelling and grammatical errors*

I'm curious Din, are you only interested in Criticizing works that are semi-popular? or would you look at and give opinions on my less popular works as well?

Yay more chapters. Let's just hope future chapters don't cause so many debates in the comment section.

That might be unavoidable :twilightblush: considering the subject matter. Who knew human slavery was still such a hot button issue.

2081888 eh. It's all academic and it's fun to discuss things like it instead of the normal 'who is best pony' 'who is best princess'

The problem wasn't so much the slavery as it was the weak explanation for it. That and the fact that, as myself and others have said, it's really hard to believe that Celestia could be this ineffective (or callous, since she's not really implied to have made any effort to improve their condition).

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