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  • 554 weeks
    Blueberry Muffins! Cinnamon Swirl! Adorable Fluffy Kittens!

    Twilight Sparkle stomped her way across the castle courtyard, fuming. “I cannot believe what that pony just said!”

    Cadance looked up from the book she was reading. “Was it Blueblood again?”

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  • 558 weeks
    New story

    It's short, it's light, it's dark... yeah, it's kind of both. It's not related to anything else I wrote. Hopefully it's fun to read, it was pretty fun to write.

    Spirit Tethers

    Warning: contains a slightly antisocial Twilicorn

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  • 582 weeks
    So... what next?

    I want to write something, but I'm not sure what. The options that I've been thinking about include:

    (a) Finishing up a non-pony story that I kind of trailed off on to write MLP fanfiction instead. It involves otters in space. Completely separate from the 'moon ponies'.

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  • 587 weeks
    Oh, you've got to read this...

    It's another 'rainbow dash failed the rainboom' story but it focuses on the characters growing up differently, and it's pretty compelling. There hasn't been even a hint of nightmare moon yet, but...

    A Minor variation

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  • 592 weeks
    Option Delta...

    Argh. Stupid brainworm. 'This Day Aria' is way too catchy for a villain song.

    I was thinking about writing a 'conversion bureau' story where a lot of the weirdnesses and inconsistencies in the setting were explained by a simple secret that no pony is allowed to tell. But of course I started singing to myself...

    This Bureau's going to be perfect,

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In case anyone's wondering... · 12:24am May 22nd, 2012

I'm on vacation from last wednesday until this wednesday and too busy to even keep up with fanfic let alone write any. Busy in a good way of course! n.n

Buuut that means Space Captain Pinkie Pie probably won't have another chapter up until next weekend at the earliest and maybe not then depending on how much of a backlog of fanfic-reading and diablo-3-playing I've accumulated. c.c

And, um, right. If you were following my completed stories that probably means you wanted me to mention if I started a new one. So, um, yeah. I did. It's the same general tone but not in the same alternate universe.

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