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  • 3 weeks
    Getting Close to Being 3x Stronger than Sombra

    In the spirit of insanity, I shall continue my "Sombra" series as long as I can lol.

    Last time I was easily 2x stronger than him: https://www.fimfiction.net/blog/994920/i-am-now-over-2x-stronger-than-sombra

    Well, am I now 3x stronger than him?

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  • 4 weeks
    Almost Done Beating Genetics

    Ughhhhhh why can't I be 100% done, though :raritydespair:

    Alright, so despite basically every joint having issues at first, I can minimize the major starting issues to:
    - Right hip tear + instability
    - Left hip tear + instability
    - Left shoulder instability
    - Right shoulder instability

    The two bolded ones were the biggest issues. As of now, I have:

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  • 5 weeks
    Got Bored and Drew an Anime Twilight

    Haven't drawn for like a month, but I had some time and was bored. So here you go... anime Twilight based on the actual MLP manga.

    I was gonna draw a clothes on her (which is why there are basic lines for that), but decided not to. Hooray for laziness haha.

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  • 8 weeks
    Rare Political Post: Kanye's Campaign is the Most Insane Sh*t I've Ever Seen

    You have:

    - Kanye "every human being has something of value they've brought to the table, especially Hitler" West

    - Milo "ex-gay" Yiannopoulos on his left

    - Nick "(paraphrased) We need to burn women alive like the good ol' days for them bearing false witness, worshipping minerals and being 300lbs" Fuentes on his right

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  • 11 weeks
    Is the American Economy Dying?

    Semi-political post. Please, forgive me :raritycry::rainbowlaugh:

    I'd post this on Twitter or Reddit, but:
    1) I don't want endless comments from insane people (cuz Reddit/Twitter :rainbowlaugh: )

    2) I'd rather blog it here as a sort of diary post for myself

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A Story You Should Read · 1:00am Mar 21st, 2014

A lot of times good stories in this website get ignored, which really pisses me off. One of these fics is one that was published today, and deserved way more recognition than it got. The story I'm talking about is What Once Was Lost... by Night Spark.

The description: Luna loved her sister. She loved Celestia more than she loved the ponies of Equestria. However the ponies denied her. They only loved her sister and when Luna attempted to remedy their blasphemy her own beloved sister cast her from the world. Celestia had made Luna's own creation her cold and dismal prison. The stars had betrayed her. After a thousand years Luna had returned and her sister's pets had forced her to "exercise" her inner demon. The notion that she was ever possessed made her wonder what sort of lies Celestia had fed to her groveling sheep.

Luna stood alone in her tower and watched Canterlot burn. The changelings were bringing so much death and chaos. The captain of the guard was defeated. Princess Cadence was weakened and frail. The elements of harmony were no longer a threat and Celestia was incapacitated. Everything was proceeding as Luna had foreseen.

It's only 2,200 words long (one shot) and a pretty cool read. So check it out. Trust me, it's well worth your time.

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Tis marked incomplete -- Usually I wait until there are 3 or 4 chapters to read things like that.

It was indeed a good read. Though "Exercise" is actually "Exorcise" in this case.


Dunbar's Law(Number) -- the cognitive limit of the number of people or in this case characters you can keep straight. I read too many fics as well as writing my own such that I reach that number if I try to read all of them one chapter at a time and I lose track of all the stories. So long as I read them several chapters at a time except for a select few stories then it works out fine.

1942644 actually that story is a one shot, my friend failed and forgot to fix it lol

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