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I write fics, often late at night. Some folk like them. Also I like to use the word 'Aye' when I speak.

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  • 240 weeks
    A Little Piece of Home

    Hello friends. It's been a while.

    I'm back...as back as I'm gonna be rather. I've taken a LONG time away from the fandom knowing full well that I'd be called back one day, either by nostalgia, the urge to wrap something up I started long ago, or some other compulsion. Whatever it is, I'm willing to settle back in.

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  • 414 weeks
    Santa Sparx is Dropping Presents! (RUN! RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!)

    SO, for the unaware, Valley of Rainbows has received an update and will be receiving another one pretty soon, so go check that out as it's my main project at the moment. Expect another chapter and another mini-chapter journal entry over there.

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  • 432 weeks

    Yo, I'm gonna recommend something I legitimately had fun with. What is that?
    A Stupid meme filled piece of crap game called Sanic Ball!

    But no seriously, it's pretty damn fun, go play it.

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  • 433 weeks
    Yo, anybody remember this?

    Don't know why but my memory drifted back to when I was but a little babby Sparx and watchin' this. Anybody else remember this, or was I the one person on the planet that recognizes it?

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  • 437 weeks
    Delays delays, it's always delays!

    Hey gang! I'm still around here, I just haven't updated recently due to various distractions. I've been packing up and getting ready to move, spent a week dogsitting, just spent time with my brother on his birthday, the list goes on.

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Turn your attention over here! · 6:22pm Mar 20th, 2014

Specifically here, because you're gonna enjoy this story, trust me. It's a fun and enjoyable fantasy adventure with romance, combat, treasure, monsters and action! Come take a look! Seriously! If I didn't have any faith in it I wouldn't have written it!

Valley Of Rainbows: Seeking Solutions
It's awesome.

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I need to catch up on that...

A chapter and some notes for better understanding.

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