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    Thank you for your patience


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Questions from the comments section of "The Heavenfall" · 12:33pm Feb 11th, 2014

Hey there everypony!

I've noticed that a lot of you have left questions and pointers in the comments section of "The Heavenfall" referring to events in the first chapter and just errors in general. Of course I'd like to answer your questions, but to prevent the comments section from filling up with all the answers, I'm just going to answer them in this blog post, and the subsequent comments section.

First of all, let's touch on the Halo references, shall we? It seems that whilst a lot of people enjoyed the references, there were those who decided I was simply ripping off the popular series, so let me take a moment to explain things. Firstly, the whole "Cypher is the Chief, and E.V.E. is Cortana" issue: yes, the halo franchise is famous for the lone hero and his A.I. saving the world, and there are many loyalist fans out there who believe anything that sounds remotely similar is a complete rip off, but the simple truth of the matter is that Halo is nothing more than a popularised list of Sci-Fi tropes that had already been in use for well over fifty years at the least before bungie came along. The mono-myth, that is, the lone hero saving the world, is perhaps one of the oldest trope's in existence, so there really shouldn't be any surprises there, whilst the use of A.I. in stories has been around since the late 1800's with the idea of robots. Hell, if we're calling this a rip off, why don't we say that Halo ripped off the Aeniad, the Odessey, or just nearly every book or film ever produce, for its use of the mono-myth? Or that is also ripped off such classics as Metropolis, or The Departure, for its use of sentient A.I.? Simply because these things occur in something that's popular, like Halo, that doesn't mean Halo actually invented them.

Come on, if you're a real Sci-Fi fan you'd realise that.

Secondly, lets discuss those of you who are calling out the science of the chapter. Before this even goes any further I'm going to state that I don't know shit about science, I got two U's at AS physics and never went beyond GCSE maths. Whilst there are those of you out there who did do such subjects, and then don't particularly enjoy my discrepancies, surely given the fact that you guys have experienced how hard both subjects can be the least you could do was allow some ley-way for those who don't quite understand the finer points of dynamics or quantum-mechanics. In particular, I'd like to briefly address Dubious on his comment.

Dear Dubious, whilst I can understand your cynicism at the design of the Ark, I'd just like to point out that your theory is based on the idea that technology on earth will simply continue to constantly evolve. I can see from your User Avatar you're a Tau fan, so in Warhammer 40k terms, imagine humanity as the Imperium. I can't really explain anything else without giving away whole chunks of the plot, but I hope that helps. For further reference check out the two highly acclaimed cyberpunk classics Blame and Biomega by Tsutomu Nihei to get a feel of what I'm going for.

Finally, here's a pointer for all those who're having a little hissy fit that their imaginary waifu's aren't being perfectly portrayed in this here HIE. Whilst I always try to remain polite with everyone, a boy can only tolerate so much bullshit, so I'm gonna make this perfectly clear: grow up. First things first, this is a piece of fan-fiction: FAN-FICTION. Just in case you didn't know that means that it isn't a 100% accurate rendition of the plot and ponies of the show, were that the case, we'd all be writing stories for nine year olds. To my knowledge, chrysalis was never openly acknowledged in canon as a sex-goddess, and Rainbow Dash isn't a lesbian, but this is FAN-FICTION where shit like that happens, if you don't like it than don't read anything on this site. Then there's the fact it's a HiE story, and last time I checked a human being hasn't been featured in a single MLP episode (And don't give me that Equestria Girls shit, human's still don't have multi-coloured skin). Then there's the fact that the story has an ALTERNATE UNIVERSE tag. If it has such a thing, what the hell did you think this story was going to be like: a 100% cannon accurate tale?

I really don't like to fire off at people, but some of you guys out there are genuine retards. That being said, if we simply look to the downvotes that others have so generously given to your attempts to be "superior" to the story, we can see that you're just a few lonely little people who, for some reason, decided to try and shoot the whole thing down.

Well, looks like you failed, hmm?

Anyway, for all those of you out there who gave this story all its thumb-ups, favourites, and encouraging comments, I thank you, and hope you enjoy the rest of my tale. I've got some work to do for school though, so I'm afraid the next chapter might not be for a while, but thanks for your patience and support. Should you have any other questions, then be free to post them in the comments below.


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Comments ( 7 )

hey biomega was pretty cool, also

but some of you guys out there are genuine retards

i think that sums up quite a few people on this site quite nicely, keep up the good work.

I give this rant 4 out of 5 mustaches; It could have been longer:trollestia:


5/5 so far for the story man, keep up the good work.

Also, I'm fairly versed in SF so don't be afraid to ask :D.

Meh, I remember when Immortal Game had a red bar about as large as your story's. I think some people were asshurt over evil ponies. Grow up, the world is a dark place.

muh epeens doe

Honestly, I don't care about the so called "rip-offs" as much. It's the plot and characters that truly make a story, and so far, we haven't even seen much of them. I plan to stick around at /least/ until then! Some advice from one person to another: Dynamic Characters. It'll make the whole story so much more indulgent for people like me! :trollestia:

Brony on man!!!

It's just someponys like a certain criteria of stories, but I mean come on. When we became bronies we lost the ability to judge. Not only that but this website was made to let us connect too one another through our stories. So suck it up bros!!

Awesome work on the story cant wait for updates.

Retards are quite common amongst the pool of radioactive material that is the internet, meaning they attack things with no reason. So no need to worry about them assuming that your protagonist is a Halo ripoff

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