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Hey guys, just realised its been almost a year · 4:20pm Feb 4th, 2014

Since i wrote anything really. Except music. Also Poetry.
Also may be getting married in the near future, as I am now engaged. Hooray!

Not really sure how many of you still care....
But I'm thinking about writing something as a commemorative thing. Maybe if it goes well (I mean, doesnt get brutally murdered by hate) I'll come back to the site full time. I realised I've missed writing pony stories. So yeah

How are all of you guys?

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Comments ( 3 )

Almost a year! That's okay. I suck at updating, or writing, or getting things done.:twilightoops::facehoof:

Oh, how I know that feeling of not getting shit done. Don't worry, you're not alone brother.

And getting married?! Congrats bro! Have fun, and remember...

1798441 haha thanks bro. Still need to finish what I'm writing... yay lateness.
Ah well. *prances off cause I'm a lucky man xD*

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