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Absentee fanfic-author. Formerly known as donald trump card, a celebrity pun that was maybe funny in 2012 but HAS NOT AGED WELL.

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    New Story, New Me

    As you might be aware, The Sequel to The Man With Two Names has just been published. Well, the first chapter, anyways. I know that I said that I was going to try to write it all at once, but that was not a good idea. Between college, and that huge intimidating writing task, I was paralyzed by procrastination, and it suddenly became easy to avoid this daunting task in favor of other

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    State of the author: The Man With No Country

    Hello all,

    I'm breaking radio silence to give you updates on my latest and greatest project, The Man With No Country. Yes, this is the sequel to The Man With Two Names. Progress is slow but steady, I have a chapter by chapter / character bios and synopses prepared for my current and future editors, and as a guide for myself.

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    After the fact blog post + sequel information

    I just want to take a moment to thank everyone for their readership, their comments and feedback. All the critiques, both praise and criticisms have helped me grow as a writer, to understand what works and what doesn't. I also must thank you all for your patience, especially those few who first caught onto the story when I published the first chapter two years ago.

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    Update on Epilogue

    Just a brief update for everyone, I am A.) still alive and B.) still writing the epilogue. Now that I'm settled in and have a week before my internship starts, productivity should ramp up.

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    Maud Pie episode

    New reason to get wicked pumped here.

    This episode is coming out in a month. Are you guys ready for this?

    You sure?
    Okay, here we go

    "When Pinkie Pie's sister comes to town, the girls find her much different than Pinkie described."[1]

    HO LEE SHIT. Dat pinkamena diane pie backstory.
    More about Pinkie's life.

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100 followers celebration! ask me anything · 9:36pm Dec 18th, 2013

Hay guise.

As you can see by the number next to the eyeball on my profile page, I recently broke 100 followers. I just wanted to thank all of you for you support. You guys are always helping me, whether through feedback, or just giving a gentle kick in the butt to keep on writing.

As a big ole thank you, I'm inviting everypony to questions. Ask me anything at all. Want to know my least favorite pony? my writing habits? hair color? writing projects, current or otherwise?

Leave a comment, or shoot me an inbox message, and I'll make another blogpost on Saturday answering any and all questions. If want to stay anonymous, you're more than welcome to send an ask to my tumblr.

Thanks again guys, and I look forward to hearing from you all.

-trump card

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When will The Mane With Two Names end?

Do you play the Walking Dead, and if so, who's your favorite character? If you don't, then who would win in a fight, Tupac Shakur or a dragon?

Have you ever played Mario Party?

Also, who's your favorite pony that isn't a Main Six, a princess or CMC?

If x is equal to five plus the sum of seven times y minus 2 to the fourth power all divided by the cubed root of an irational number, then who gives a rat's ass?
A) A rat
B) Your mother
C) 4
D) I went to a public school.

If you had to choice, would you?

If I was your father's best friend's roomate's third cousin's ex-girlfriend's nephew, what would that make us?

If oak breaks and willow bends, which is stronger?

Do you read the comics?

True or False?

If love is all you need, and love will find a way, then don't worry be happy?

If you knew a man with a wooden leg named Smith, what's the name of his other leg?

(I amuse myself way too much.)

1. Do you watch wrestling?
2. What's your favorite HIE?

Best pony, worst pony, and the inspiration for Man With Two Names. While I'm at it, favourite video game (current or all-time, doesn't matter) and why.

None of these are phrased as questions, for some reason.

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