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Rescue the princess chapter 10 part 3 · 6:45pm Dec 7th, 2013

Previously on Rescue the princess...

Resting in the dining hall/ballroom, the ponies took a break after the fight with Prince Blueblood/Flamestrike. Apple bloom showed Vulpus a new scythe. Also, the kitsune and Sweetie Belle wanted to know something from Charred Hairless Rarity - if she'd be willing to provide milk to Cadance's child, Prince Charming. With none others to give it, Rarity took on the responsibility but needed to get cleaned up first.

The three, Sweetie Belle, Vulpus, and Rarity wandered the castle corridors looking for a shower getting lost in the process. Vinyl Scratch showed up to be their guide to her own private quarters. While getting cleaned up, Vinyl talked and was comforted by the three about her brother while Octavia conversed with Silver on other matters.
The group returned to the others from the showers and were told Charming blew a hole in a wall. You know what they say: like mother, like child. Rarity set off to get milk for Charming heading into a closet. In midst of talks with Sweetie Belle and Vulpus, Rarity felt the need to continually produce milk urged on by her horn. Luckily, drinking her own milk magically replenished and hydrated the body enough to continue the process.

Little Prince Charming enjoyed the milk albeit Rarity was embarrassed to provide milk to another's child. Be that as it may, the milk needed to be used up before it would spoil so she asked Silver to try some wondering if the whipped cream aftertaste was only something she had tasted. Silver drank the milk noting the flavor but also fell under the spell of milky bliss falling asleep.

In Silver's dreams of flowing milky rivers and whipped cream clouds, he witnessed a dancing magical milk mare on a hillside. He approached the mare with curiosity immediately invited into a dance. The mare suddenly stopped revealing herself to be Sunny's piece of soul connected to Princess Cadance - the only piece not tortured and restrained in the Realm of Dark Magic by King Sombra. While feeling pain from the other pieces, she informed Silver that she needed him to kill her father for release. But, in addition, Sunny told Silver she missed him much like he did her. Before her body fell apart into a mist, she spoke words of love and longing to Silver followed with a kiss to his cheek. Silver vowed he would rescue his love, his Sunny Sympathy.

Also, Rarity and Sweetie Belle enjoyed brownies, oreo cookies, and gummy candies with their milk although Sweetie Belle played with her food rather than eating it.

and now the story continues....

The walls at the back of the ballroom open revealing a massive set of golden doors.

When the ponies open the door they find themselves in another grand hallway. A large silver gate blocks the path in front of them but theres a hollow part at the center gates and something written above it.

When song and sword are place in harmony
the winds of change will blow and the gate
of new life will open

The the ponies right is a door with a saber above it and to the left is a door with a harp above it. Which door will the ponies go through?

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(is the resident evil style puzzle thing ok?)

(never played/heard of resident evil so I wouldnt know:twilightblush:)

1581553 (Why not zoidberg? :rainbowlaugh:)


1581560 (Totally fine with me.)

1581564 (When you got a shark in a half-flooded room chasing you, that's real fear! :rainbowlaugh:)

OOC: Present.

it's a zombie survival horror game. it's fun :twilightsmile:

1581589 (Not really. The shark busted out of his tank and was wandering freely. :rainbowlaugh:)


Dear Twilight Sparkle,

I know I said not to send anymore letters on Friendship. But I need them. I need them so badly!

Princess Cele - I really need those letters, Twilight.

(its a shooter? No wonder I havent heard of it:rainbowlaugh:)

(it's fun but not for everyone. it's a third person shooter like silent hill:twilightsmile:)

(only know of silent hill through the fan fiction and I really cant stand shooters:twilightblush:)

1581617 (Yup! Withdrawal symptoms! :rainbowlaugh: Applejack ain't learned a gosh darn thang!)

(hi guys hows it going:twilightsmile: theres a few others we have to wait for but tengu won't be playing today...or for the rest of this week...until next saturday:ajsleepy::ajsleepy:)

(Sweetie Belle told me to come here. :unsuresweetie: )

1581652 (Silver's in milk coma right now. :rainbowlaugh:)
1581656 (The greatest troll every pulled off by Trollestia/Molestia. :rainbowlaugh:)

(Welcome and hugs *huggies*:heart:)

1581664 (Thank you :twilightblush: *Hugs back*)

1581658 (Welcome aboard! :pinkiehappy: You're going to play as Twilight?)

do you know how to do spoilers?

1581673 (Yea, Twilight :twilightsmile: maybe an OC if it's okay with everyone. :twilightblush:)

1581676 Maybe?


1581688 (Fine by me as long as it's okay with Sweetiebellema121)

1581688(We'll see about the OC thing.)

alright will have to have an intro for who your going to play as

1581701 (Okay, Maybe later depending on how my first time goes.)

1581692 (The Great and Powerful Trixie doesn't have to choose a flavor. All your flavors are belong to Trixie! :rainbowlaugh:)

(Hi *huggies*)

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