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Hey guys! I write sadfics and sadfic accessories! Oh, and I also do comedy things. Yeah. Feel free to check out my stuff! And I hope you enjoy whichever story of mine you happen to be on! ^^

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<Personal> Tales from an Engineering Student · 4:48am Nov 11th, 2013

Tales from an Engineering Major at University of Texas in Arlington

Okay, so I miss my group advising sessions, so I go to one on one advising to know what I need on my schedule. Lady says "Well, we're trying a new program this year where engineering students will have auto-assigned classes."

I'm thinking that sounds fine, so whatever. I get her to also change my major to Electrical Engineering like it was SUPPOSED to be but they never changed it after Orientation.

So now I get this auto-assigned schedule...

3 issues here.

1) Still in Industrial Engineering classes
2) They assigned me English 1301, or English I.
3) They gave me 11 hours of classes, instead of 12 hours.

Now normally I'd be okay with this, and I'd go get it fixed. But instead I'm ranting, because there's issues as to why these issues are issues.

1) I've told them TWO times to change my major to what it's supposed to be. I'm even in EE Intro to Engineering class right now.
2) I've already got credit for this English class, as well as English Literature.
3) Seriously? I'm pretty sure almost EVERY college student wants 12 hours at least. Why the HELL would you give them almost that? It's almost insulting in a way.

Let's all give a nice slow clap for the failed program that UTA has tried to put into place.




You know... I don't know what's worse...

The fact that they didn't think to give me 12 hours of classes.... or the fact that they put me in a course I already had credit for.

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Just saying you want your major changed won't make it so. You have to sign a piece a paper saying you want your major changed from this to that. At least that's how it was for me.

Welcome to engineering school! :pinkiecrazy:

It will treat you like it's own little b!@#% until you get done, and you're worth five times as much as you were before. Make it a testament to your will to get it done.

1498964 I've gone up to the advising office and done that.

Other time was during orientation, I wrote EE on the paper they had us fill out and give them.

Still an IE though. :ajbemused:

Good to see that other universities are just as fucked up as ours. Although this case seems to weight a bit heavy.

I lost financial aid in my old college after I got over 90 credit hours without graduating.

Oh, no, let me get punished for their inability to offer the classes I need when I need them, right? Right? What the fuck was I supposed to do? My scholarship was going to pay for whatever classes I took, so when I had gaps I enrolled in classes I thought were interesting.

No one told me about the 90 credit hour financial aid cap. I lost an awesome scholarship because of their shenanigans.

That's what you get for going to a UT system school.

Wreck 'em Tech :P

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