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Hey guys! I write sadfics and sadfic accessories! Oh, and I also do comedy things. Yeah. Feel free to check out my stuff! And I hope you enjoy whichever story of mine you happen to be on! ^^

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  • 503 weeks
    <Professional> It's... ALIIIIIIIIIIIIIVE!

    Hello all! It's your friendly neighborhood sadfic writer, Chaotic!

    Y'know... the one who promises he is writing again but doesn't deliver for six months?

    Yeaaaaah.... I know, I suck.


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    A Short Story

    It was raining outside.

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    <Professional> New Chapter is Out!

    If you follow Tempered by Flame, this is just a notification for you!

    If you don't and are interested in the story, Click here to go to the Story Page!

    Yes, I'm writing again. Baby steps though, nothing too insane like a chapter every few days.

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    <Professional> Did Some Art

    This is based off of one of the first scenes in Tempered by Flame, and should perhaps help its readers see what I have in mind when it comes to the characters' appearances.

    That little bunch of squiggly lines on the bottom are an explosion spot... don't judge my art skills.

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  • 536 weeks
    Not Many of You Will Read This

    But for those who do...

    I've been feeling... Strange.
    About the writing thing. Yeah, that's right. I feel strange about my writing.
    It's not that I don't like it... It's that, well, I cannot seem to get myself writing.

    Is it writer's block? No.

    Is it real life issues? No.

    Is it just a bad case of the meh? Maybe, but I don't think it is.

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A Short Story · 5:36pm Mar 12th, 2014

It was raining outside.

No, not the rain that gently tap-tippity-taps on the rooftops and leaves the ground soaking wet, but rather the rain that leaves the poor roof tiles thundering from the artillery shells of liquid life that continued to smash themselves against them. This was the kind of rain that a small, dark blue pegasus was forced to listen to as he lay there in his bed, eyes staring off into the darkened room as his hooves trembled from the terrifying dream that was still lingering about in the recesses of his mind. He had been wrapped in parchment, thrown into a coffin that was shaped like a thick book, and set aflame by a ghostly figure that bore no resemblance to anypony he had known, and after seconds of burning agony he finally tore his way back into the waking world to a clash of thunder resounding through the room with a brilliant flash of white, blinding light.

And then, things happened.

Things that changed the blue pegasus' life forever.

He began to write again.

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