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Due to an overwhelmingly positive response.... · 11:14pm Apr 24th, 2012

Here's the newer story's main idea:

Twilight convinces Rarity to try out a hot new magical-gadget that has been proven to help reduce stress: a Magical Reality Device, designed by experts to play games that completely immerse you in the experience.

The incredibly addicting, stress-free game Twilight has brought her to play? Dark Souls.

For those unfamiliar with the game, it is notoriously difficult medieval-fantasy game with a mixture of trial-and-error gameplay, studying your enemies' strengths and weaknesses, and careful attention of the enviroment as well as smart use of your gear and stats. It is very difficult for new players to get into, but it is fun, immersive, and difficult, true, but very fair in its difficulty.

Rarity plays with Twilight's encouragement, making her way through the story, with her successes and failures, with help from her friends that are also joining in on the game to take the places of the various NPC's.

The end result would be an action story, with some humor and dialogue tossed in to make it more interesting, while also giving some insight on the opinions of my current personal addiction.

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Comments ( 13 )

I might also include her trying out other wild multiplayer games. I think I would have fun putting her through the thrills of your first Left 4 Dead game.

Hmm. Dark Souls. That game was a pain in the ass.

I'll be watching with interest. *sage!nods*

Don't forget the cluster of fecal matter that is MW3's multiplayer community! Or atleast some of it.

Would be funny watching Rarity deal with high pitched 12 year olds.

Anywhom, sounds rather badass.

ponies playing games=:heart:
especially when they introduce twilight as a gamer! :pinkiehappy:
although, now i have to start playing dark souls...i got both ninja gaiden III (on hard...) and fable III to finish as well, and im playing SCII 2v2 platinum level with a friend...AND im reading, well byebye school work! :pinkiecrazy:

84852 I highly recommend at least trying it. It's much different from most hack 'n slashers. While it can seem mindless at times, you mental misstep and an enemy you've been beating up on for ten minutes will suddenly one-shot you.

i dont have it myself, so im gonna borrow it from one of my two friends who've already played it through. i've seen them play and i've been wanting to play it for a while; and i was gonna do it eventually, just not before summerbreak....but now...well screw summer break...!:pinkiehappy:

Hmmm... Sounds intriguing. I am willing to read it definitely, but if Rarity just ends up dying a bunch then I will be disappoint. I have only ever played Demon Souls, but I think that a game of that nature would be right up Rarity's alley. She is probably the second most intelligent pony of the mane six, and she is known for her attention to detail, a skill she will surely need.

I was ok with this when I didn't know the idea for it. Now... Oh ho ho... NOW I kinda wanna see this more than the next chapter of Growing Pains.

LOVE IT! :raritystarry:
If you're thinking of including other Multiplayer games in this new story, might I suggest Mass Effect 3s' multiplayer?

A L4D multilpayer game with the mane 6 uhmmm


I have been watching Zisteu's LP of Dark Souls, and, well, (brain murdered my volcabulary, cannot express enough approval).
Anyway, just finished reading Growing Pains, up to where you've got it, and I have my eye on you.

Whatever happened to this idea?

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