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A bit embarrassed to admit... · 10:35pm Apr 24th, 2012

I've hit writer's block. The next chapter is coming along, but I'm somewhat disappointed with it. So, not only do I have to finish it, there needs to be a complete rewrite of what I have so far (which is, sadly, little...).

The thing is, I still want to write, but I think I'm burned out on Growing Pains at the moment, so I'm going to be taking a short break from it to try a different story.

The real reason for the blog post is I want to know if you, my readers, are okay with this (the other story will still be pony-related), and if majority says yes, then I'd like to run my idea by all of you and see what you think.

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I would prefer you wait till you are ready to write a good chapter.

Everyone needs to take a break at some point. This break for you is well deserved.

*yawns* Just don't be an ass about things and you'll be fine in my book, fuzzball.

Normally, I'd recommend just finishing the chapter, but if you're burned out there's little point. *shrugs*

Write some frivolous one-shots. Drag a friend onto G.docs and just start messing around with things. Read some inspiring and awesome fics (yes, they exist). Rewatch some MLP. Eat a bagel. Spend some time daydreaming. I dunno.

Just don't get dragged into another long-term story that'll completely tear you away from Growing Pains. That would be bad.

Take your time bro :pinkiehappy:

84739 Hardly a problem. My idea would have no where near the sense of adventure and intrigue I think I've brought into Growing Pains. It would be more action-oriented, but not in a serious fashion.

"I've hit writer's block."
*dramaticly howling 'noooooo'* oh the horror!:fluttercry:

okay, now that we've passed that part:
"I'm burned out on Growing Pains at the moment, so I'm going to be taking a short break from it to try a different story.
The real reason for the blog post is I want to know if you, my readers, are okay with this"
well, we all love 'Growing Pains', but if you dont enjoy writing it as much as usual right now, then just go ahead take a break; doing whatever suits you.:pinkiehappy: and if you feel like writing a different story during said break, then that is just a huge bonus! :twilightsmile:

Hey, if you need time, you got it!

I'll wait as long as it takes to read what you write, and I'm sure many would agree with me.

Writers block is simply annoying. We all understand.

*stares at little notification bubble* Damn, you're fast. Well, it's nice to know that it wouldn't be some ridiculously long distraction. To be honest though, I feel that you're a decent writer, so it'd likely be something along the lines of, "Interesting, but I wish you'd concentrate your efforts elsewhere. Hint hint."

It sounds like an over-the-top action comedy, the way you say it. Now, I'm curious.

84749 I'm not going to be making another giant political world-wide ancient conspiracy old-gods super weapon warfare thing. No, little too much effort for that.

I'm conflicted about that. XD In one hadn, there is the possibility of you writing another long, gripping story. On the other, your first story of the same type would be largely neglected. I'm pretty sure that we can't have both. :P

Eh. In any case, I'm hoping you gain enough positives for you to reveal that idea. I've got nine lives and a feline sense of curiosity.

(I know you have made a second blog since this one, but I still wanna post my opinion)

I'll keep it short for the sake of your sanity, but always do what makes you happy when it comes to writing. If you want/need to take a break, take that damn break. Not only are you doing yourself a disservice by making yourself unhappy, but you also do the readers a disservice because your quality suffers. The fact that you came out and told us that you are taking a break is better than most of the authors who say jack shit about hiatuses, so I applaud you.

So like I said, take the break, do something fun that makes you happy. Trust me when I say that when you come back, you'll be much happier to have the story, which is quickly becoming an epic of... well... epic proportions!

I'm gonna be honest and say that I'm a bit upset that you're taking a break. That however is an entirely selfish ideal based upon the fact that I've been reading and re-reading Growing Pains the last few days due to boredom. So I'm just gonna go ahead and push that horrible selfish thought away and simply say do what you need to do. I know that when I'm writing something, whether it be an essay or some story in my head, I need to leave it for a bit to come back fresh and with renewed inspiration. Can't expect one to be firing Growing Pains full blast for so long especially with all the many different aspects you've included thus far.

Go ahead and take a break. You deserve one. I'll be waiting, patiently. Maybe even read your Dark Souls fic. Sounds interesting.

Of course. If you want to do it, who are we to stop you. I'll read it if you write it.

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