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    Lend Me Your World | Update #2

    I'm still working on the story! I apologize for making everyone wait so long, especially on a cliffhanger. After getting through the minor health stuff I mentioned in my last post, it's been difficult getting back through. My anxiety flares up bad if I wait too long to work on a story. But I am chipping away at the next chapter. I had to rework a lot of parts I thought would be easier to get

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    Lend Me Your World | Update #1

    Hey, everyone. Due to some minor health issues, this story will be taking a momentary hiatus. I want to emphasis that cause I don't want anyone to think that the story won't get an update for months. I don't want to give excuses besides the fact I can't type as well right now. I've tried on and off for weeks, and what little I did eventually get looked bad to me. This is why I hadn't

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    Important Update: Rewrite and Cancellation

    If you haven't seen the few comments I left, then this may come off as sudden. It's been several years since I updated this story, and I still feel guilty for not finishing it. But getting straight to the point, this story is officially cancelled, HOWEVER I already have a rewrite for this story in the works. Several things are changing, and I'll layout the important parts the best I can. I

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    Thoughts & Commentary on "Shift in Spectrum"

    First things first, super big thanks to my editor and proofreader, JoshuaGrahamPony, for helping me immensely in crafting the story. Having a second opinion to spark discussion over small details is always valued and I'm glad he helped me in that regard.

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    Unfortunately on Hiatus

    I really hate to say it, but until further notice, Kingdom Hearts: Friendship's Turmoil will be on hiatus. :ajsleepy:

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Weekly Update #11 · 5:12am Oct 27th, 2013

I can't believe I forgot to add the question of the week last week. A pretty big facepalm on my part, or facehoof, whichever you prefer.

Stories: I have to say, I was quite lazy this week. Mostly because college suddenly decided to give me work. Ugh. Anyway, the chapter is half done, and I've actually started another story that should be uploaded soon. I hope you like Kingdom Hearts and Equestria Girls!

Gaming: Pretty lax in terms of games. Still playing Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories, but this time, I'm playing Riku's side. Woot! Everyone who has no idea what I'm talking about, I apologize.

Music of the Week: Since I started my Kingdom Hearts Crossover, why not some music from that, eh? This is Dearly Beloved, which is the title theme of many of the games. It's on a loop, just so you know.

Question of the Week: I remembered this time! Anyway, which game gives you the most nostalgia?
My answer: Kingdom Hearts (of course)

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Never played kingdom hearts, but my nostalgic game would be metroid prime. Took me 2 years to finish because I got stuck on one part and raged. A year and a half later I finaly figured it out and mentaly slapped myself silly. Now I need to find a gamecube and a copy of metroid prime.

College is making you work? I thought higher education was supposed to be easy! My cousin lied to me! :flutterrage:

My nostalgic game is easily Pokémon Ruby Version. It's the first Pokémon game that I really got into, and still my favorite to this day. :twilightsmile:

Write on,

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