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Upcoming project · 11:40pm Sep 15th, 2013

There's a bit of a crossover I've got in the works. It's a one-shot (so far)... though a bit of a long one. Had it for a while, actually, and I thought I'd share it with you guys tod--

"Alright! It's a story featuring Equestria's premier supermare!"

Well... it's not just you, Dash. I mean... there is another character that's pretty central to the stor--

"Who? The chump? That guy's barely in the story! Everyone knows I'm the focus here!"

Now... come on... be fair. He... well... he tries really hard.

"Yeah... say what you want... we all know why everyone's actually he--"


Ooooo... wow... awkward...

"You... uhhh... you guys do know I've been here the whole time... right?"

I... I actually hadn't noticed... erm... Rainbow, had you--

Right. Of course.

... Sooooo... seen any good movies lately?

Right! The point! Avatar: The Last Airbender one-shot coming up in the near future! Look forward to it... I guess! I'm just... I'm just gonna get going now. Later, Sokka.

"Yeah. Sure. I'll just be here... continuing to be underappreciated."

You do that! Later!




"Well... at least you guys still love me... right?"




"Fine... looks like it's just you and me again, epic beard. Just you... and me..."

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Comments ( 13 )

I'm so scared I'm excited.

Heh good timing. I'm in the middle of rewatching the series in celebration of Korra's Book 2 premier. On Earth Episode 10 next.

Nice going for the more subtle approach using the balance character instead of the whole group or a more obvious one. However, I will say that Scootaloo would be a way better match for Sokka than Dash. Dash is more like Toph, honestly: attitude but OP enough to back it up. Which Sokka took the whole series to develop into. Scoots on the other hand seems to be following a similar, if differently themed, growth arc.

One thing. Maybe, and here me out maybe instead of a one shot you give us a whole epic adventure and hire Micheal Bay to direct the movie that will be sure to follow.

One shot... ONE SHOT?!?! FUCK THAT! I WANT A FULL STORY!!!!! (Don't hurt me man :fluttershyouch:)

consider yourself followed.

I speak for everybody here in hoping for it to be a long story. Especially considering how aswome Psych turned out.

On the other hand...Rainbow Dash is the very best, and if Sokka didnt live in a world where half the population can breath fire, he's be pretty darn awesome himself. He's used to being outgunned, and if this is a HiE, he'll be fairly used to complete insanity and cope quickly. Him realizing suddenly that he way less outgunned than normal, multiply by him power tripping on that fact, and divide by Rainbow 'center of attention' Dash... boom.
or, if Rainbow Dash goes to the Avatar world, She feels outmatched by the Benders, and the two of them bond over belong the only normal people in the show.
...and yes, I typed that without irony.


Heh... less outgunned?

He'd be going from a population in which only a portion have magic... or bending... to one where everyone can do ridiculous stuff.

I'd match the mane six against the Avatar's party any day of the week.

But then, we're assuming this is going to be an HiE... are you sure we should be doing that?



Spike is actually immune to all 4 main bending styles.

If Rainbow Dash is dumped into Avatar, that would be cool because we never really get to see what she's like when outgunned.
Ya, she can still fly at super speed, but without the ability to think and respond at super speed, its not a lot of use in a fight like against people like benders.
There's a lot of potential here.
One thing I hate is when people make Dash the 'dumb muscle' of the Mane Six, when she's not. She can be very smart. The problem she has is that she isn't ever required to be smart, she required to be fast or strong, meaning she never gets practice thinking. Crow-Magnons Alternate Universe story features a Rainbow dash whose wing has been crippled, and she is honestly my favorite version of the character. She's the Element of Kindness, in keeping with her personality, and her method of helping requires her to pay attention, deduce things, and often manipulate people into fixing their own problems. She's like a Friendly version of House!
...I just said Friendly and House, M.D in the same Sentance. :twilightoops:
Any way, I can't wait for this. I hope this is cannon with your Psych story.

If you do Sokka in equestria I have only one question. Will you have him meet Luna?

How's that upcoming project coming? :raritywink:

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