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Man... Fimfiction Changed me... Like, a Lot · 2:24pm Jun 16th, 2013

So yeah, like the title said: I just noticed how cocky, and immature -- I guess -- I became, in just a span of six months. Yep, it's been six months since I first joined Fimfiction; the time when I was still new to writing.

I was kind of shy back then... and still had a descent attitude -- unlike today, where now I'm not ashamed to show my true attitude.

I still remembered the first story I ever wrote -- about a human going to Equestria after an accident. So yeah, you guessed it: downvotes, downvotes everywhere, as well as rage reviews. And it made me regret writing, ever since that faithful day.

Well, at least there was a certain user who tried to help me improve, and also tried to encourage me. And how glad I am that I followed his opinion.

So a day after, I tried rewriting my first story. After fixing my first story, I thought I improved, but I had never been wrong. More downvotes came flooding, but I'm not one to judge on someone else's opinion. I don't care if they hate my story; I just don't like seeing my story with a red lightsaber as a rating.

It didn't turn out okay, and that's it. Just give up on writing; it was clear that I'm not just cutout for writing.

After that, I didn't open my Fimfiction account for a whole day, cause I was too afraid to see my inbox, being flooded with complains -- Hey, I was still too dense to see how criticism work that time, and I have to admit, I thank them now for giving me such a beating.

So yeah, after getting over such a small loss, I went back to Fimfiction to just read some clopfics -- and I do believe that I'm too young to be reading such materials, but hey, I'm not going to wait for five more years just to get to read stories about some pastel-colored ponies fornicating. Besides, age doesn't matter, cause the only matter is how the person would accept it.

Read some clopfics here and there, until I got an idea to write a clopfic on my own -- okay, not really a clopfic; it was supposed to be like an ecchi anime. But after some failed moderation because the mods said that I need to change the ratings from teen, to mature, I just thought that maybe I shouldn't waste the tag.

So yeah, the story was supposed to be a side story of my first story, and as I wrote the clopfic, I also tried to revive my first story. But to no avail, but at least, the clopfic was a success... I think.

Then that's how I got into writing clopfics. I was so surprised how much attention my story was getting, and quite contented at it. But you know, it is not what I really had in mind; what I had in mind was my story to be remembered because of the plot, the story, the characters. And not just because they could read a story about ponies having sexy time.

But... beggars can't be choosers, right?

Well, that was a long-story-short, and I bet some didn't even read through it, since it wasn't that much of a big deal; I just wrote this because I had a nostalgia while going through one of the stories I came across with.

I saw one of my first ever, trying to be helpful comment.

Since my first fic went like this (Okay maybe not this bad.) I'm just going to say keep trying and I would really recommend shadowflame to help you so uh... Good luck with that

"Actual Quote"

Then after that, I saw some of my legit reviews, which is too long and needs some work if I wanted to copy and paste it here. But if you want to read one, just go to this link, and try to find my review.

Then I tried doing some rage reviews, because the "author" deserves it. Yeah, you could find it in all of his story, except for "The Wrestlers of Equestria".

And if you tried to compare the three reviews, I guess my skills in writing -- as well as my attitude -- changed, a lot. I wonder how far it could change if I stay in this site for another six months.

But anyways, had fun writing this, and it is kind of missing too, because, unlike the second time I started writing, I was so eager on updating my story. So eager that I even updated it twice a day.

But now, I think the spark is slowly dying. I dunno, but I don't want to.

Anyways, It's been fun.

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I started almost a year ago... like 10 months...

But yeah, my first fic was about a red and black alicorn OC. Surprisingly, 30% of the people who read it liked it. I got positive reviews, and the only problems with it was the OC, and the common new-writer problem of show-don't tell.

Edit: I'm talking about my ThaumicSlime account.

1147754 Yeah, I noticed that ThaumicSlime has some story views.

I probley would have reacted about the same way you did to those down votes, I actually nearly had a panic attack not long ago because of a situation kind of like that. (Ok not really like this but close)
Oh and one more thing.
"unlike today, where now I'm not a shame to show my true attitude."
If I get what you are saying this should be "not ashamed".
Sorry couldn't resist. :twilightsheepish:

1147777 Oh you. :twilightsmile: That's why I love seeing you in my comment section.

1147780 It's nothing, just me being OCD again. Anyone could do it.

1147789 Well yeah, that's true.

Anyways, It's been fun.

Wait. You going?

1148660 Oh no. What I meant was I had fun making the blog post.

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