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Hey guys! · 2:08am Oct 15th, 2013

I got something to show you: Clicky!
It's a visual novel called "Starswirl Academy". Just saw the post earlier from Bronyism, which has a link to the game. I thought you might like it guys, since it looks great, basing from the cute picture that comes with the post. Haven't played it yet, but being a fan of interactive comics, fictions, etc. means that I should. He-he.

So, reading the game description, you join Tom -- as in the rock -- and Twilight on their first day at the academy, which is the "Starswirl Academy". Just scroll down on the page, until you see links that leads you to different hosting sites that contains the download. The file size is 110.114 MB. Have fun!

EDIT: I found an art!

And I also forgot the trailer.

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