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It's been a while, hasn't it? · 2:06am May 29th, 2013

Hello there! Why don't you take a seat, stay a while, and listen?

As you've likely noticed, nothing has happened story-wise for me on this site. No edits, no new stories, and no updates. However, that does not mean I have been inactive! I've been doing a fair amount of writing, in fact.

First thing I'll mention: I'm going to publish one of those one-shot fics I mentioned in my earlier posts. It's ChrysalisxHuman, nothing special, no deep plot elements or anything, just something I had fun with. As much as I love writing the longer, more complex and interesting stories like Apples and Lesson One, it's fun to write the short, meaningless stuff, too. Also helps relieve stress.

Second, it seems some of you have already noticed, but if not: I've been chosen as a writer for Starswirl Academy, a visual novel about human adaptations of the mane six. Technically, writers are not assigned to specific character paths, as there is a lot of collaboration going on between us, but I will have the most control over Twilight's path (and maybe Applejack's? unknown at the moment). The first question people usually ask (after, "What the heck is a visual novel?") is, "Mature or not?", to which I say, "Yes, there is an adult version of the game. No, sex is not the focus and in fact sex will be a very MINOR part of the game."

Tomorrow is actually the one-year anniversary of this project, though I haven't been with it the entire year. There will be a reveal of things I can't really yap about, but it would be a good time to take a look at the webpage I linked above, and the dev blog (which answers questions and such).

The other writers are Jessy and Sam Rose.

I'm also making this post as a bit of a promise to myself that I'm putting out in the open to keep myself honest. On a good week, I'll write 1000 words/day. Ideally, I'd love to keep that up every day... but I don't. I know I have the time; it only takes me about an hour to get 1000 words out. I just can't get myself to sit down and write consistently. So, for the next week, I'm going to force myself to do 1000 words/day. I'll keep this post up-to-date with my daily word counts, so you can see if I broke my promise or not.

Tuesday: 682 words (drat)
Wednesday: 1519 words (yay!)
Thursday: 512 words
Friday: 12 words (better than 0, right?)
Saturday: 3016 words (hell yea)
Sunday: 2147 words

So, what's next, then? Welp, as much as I've been writing, I haven't gotten much done on my next longer story. I suppose I can give out some details, but not much. It will probably be about as long as Apples At Sunset. It will focus on Twilight and an OC, something of a succubus. That "something of a" is an important distinction, by the way. It's going to start with sex, but like Apples, sex will not be the focus. Part of it is already on my pastebin, but again I will warn those of you who want to check out my pastebin: That stuff is NOT proof-read, or final, and a good chunk of it is just silly little clop stories. Readable, but you won't see the same kind of polish I apply to stories posted here.

That's all I've got for now. I do want to make a blog post about writing sex scenes soon (how one can approach it, how I approach it, and other things), but I don't have the time right now and this post is long enough. Farewell!

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Oh yay, you live!

Good to hear there's another mature-but-not-just-porn story in the works. You pull those off really well.

Happy to hear from you and that you'll still in the groove of things. Learn from the mistakes from your last story, and you're sure to improve :)

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