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Greatness · 5:16am Mar 22nd, 2012

Sometimes, I like to just sit and listen to the quiet of the world. I do believe that the night is sacred. There is divinity in the dark.

Appreciation for the stillness, for a state of the world around is so hard to come by. Not because few appreciate it, though that too is true, it is because those moments are so hard to find.

Maybe that’s why I love the snow so much.

I believe that in the cracks in our lives, in our little pieces of the world, you can find what I call visions of paradise. And for me, standing outside while it snows instills in me such peace… that even my thoughts are hushed to preserve the feeling. Watching the flakes drift oh so slowly, like poetry.

It’s that feeling you get. It’s unforgettable, and nothing is quite like it. If you, gentle reader, have felt as I have described, then it needs no more description.


I digress.

During such times, I contemplate many things. Big and small, ideas flicker like a passing breeze.

The thought, the question that has occurred to me during this moment of stillness is what makes a story great?

And I came to a conclusion.

It’s impossible to say what exactly makes a story great. You can point to the characters, to the plot, to the setting, to the wordage, to the symbolism, to the universal themes, to the sales, to the movie rights. You can point to any number or combination of things and say that is what makes a story great.

You can only read it, and know.

Because my conclusion is this: A great story is one you read, or hear, and carry with you.

Think about those stories that moved you, that touched you, and that you still have with you today. Maybe a vintage hardcover, maybe a beaten paperback, maybe a file, maybe just a few notes scribbled on some paper.

Or maybe all you have left is your memory.

Those are the stories that are great. The ones that stay with you that, for whatever reason etch themselves irrevocably in your heart and mind.

When you were (or are) young, those tales shaped who you are right now. They left such an impression, such an impact, that you were in fact a different person after finishing it.

That, is what makes a story truly great.

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That...that actually sounded great hope you come up with more poetry also ^^ finally my writers block is gone


Thanks dude, you've been a really awesome supporter. F*ck writers block! Hate that stuff.

40028 Haha thanks for the compliment your a great writer, hit me today and i suddenly typed out over 900 words feels good Also do you have a skype profile? Me and a couple other fallout writers messege and chat with each other id be glad to have you in our group :ajsmug:

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