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    Because my mind is a swirling vortex of motionlessness right now.

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Why? Maybe. · 8:29am May 15th, 2012

Why? Because it’s three in the morning and I can’t sleep.

Because that line has been stuck in my head for three hours now.

Because my mind is a swirling vortex of motionlessness right now.

I am driven to this point of existential quandary by a nihilistic impulse towards self-destructive physical and emotional tendencies. Cruelness, bitterness, regret, and apathy. Cruelness by the way is more than just an action; it is a state of mind. No one has ever beaten me as thoroughly as myself.

As I said, nihilistic, self-destructive tendencies. Nasty combination all around.

Sometimes… just maybe… every now and again… perhaps… there may be a slight chance… a narrow band of possibility… that there could be the shadow of… a sliver… of a portion… of a possible causality… that I may just… sometimes…

Not want to sleep…

…because I know I’ll have nightmares.

Some days they’re a shadow, lurking behind my eyes, waiting. Just waiting for me to lower my guard.

Is it so strange, that in a corner of my mind there lurks a hidden yearning for a night goddess to come and take away my dreams?

Maybe tonight I don’t want to burn alive, or be buried alive, or be eaten alive, or be crucified, or dissected, or drowned. Maybe tonight I just want to be awake, letting the uncoiling threads of my conscious mind become one with a nothingness brought on by sleep deprivation. A half-aware state which touches on the insane. Did you know that not sleeping for more than four (or was it more?) days can have you legally diagnosed as insane?

There are times when I am the writer, thinking of some creative horror, and there are times when I am tormented. I’m not trying to be attention grabbing, or overly dramatic. My wife has been a dream interpreter for several years (a very good one at that) and some of mine even she doesn’t fully understand.

I don’t want to go to sleep.

Sometimes I’ll make excuses, like ‘life is too short.’ Or ‘just one more episode’ or ‘one more page.’ And sometimes it’s even true. Some nights, like tonight, I don’t want to dream. I want my mind to stay still.

And sleep without dreaming.

Red is the Winter. Red is the Autumn. Red is the sky so colored by blood. Red is the tide which is so like a flood.

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