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    Holy crap! So, just in case you didn't know, I have the greatest wife in the universe! (don't make me do the swing) And she has drawn me the greatest cover art ever!!!!

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    Okay… so it’s been how long since I put up a Fire Ghost chapter?

    That long?



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    Why am I doing this? Because I looooove it when other authors do it.

    So, first two questions.

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Okay... So... · 9:39am Aug 17th, 2012

Okay… so it’s been how long since I put up a Fire Ghost chapter?

That long?



Apologies to all who crave Fallout Equestria! I know that it’s an needy addiction that must be fed regularly. Really, I've been stuck on that chapter for so long... And I really don't know why. (How by all that is holy and nocturnal do some of you pump out 100k words a month?)

I know, nothing really has been updated in a long ass time. That includes just about everything I'm writing. Which I just got an idea, but that's another story.

Fire Ghost is planned out I promise! Really! There's so much I have planned for it! Oh, and I've bumped it up to Mature because well... you know. Gore... Sex... graphic pony death. All that fun Nightmare Fuel. Also longer chapters! Oh, and free muffins for every like!

Right now it's nearly five in the morning because I REAALLY wanted to finally get the damn thing done! I won't bore anyone with my own life's misery, so I apologize once again if this is rather disjointed.

(And really guys, I see your comments and wish I was better about responding to all of them I just get so distract-.... Yay Molestia updated!)

That's all for now,

And remember, the Light At The End Of The Tunnel may be an oncoming train.

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Addendum: 6 A.M. Brain Tingles.

^^ Agreed

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