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  • 455 weeks

    Perhaps a spoiler, perhaps a harsh reminder that I've been inactive for nine long months X_x
    ... If it's the former, hopefully something people will refer to at some point :)

    - That One Guy

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  • 468 weeks
    A Mote of Dust - Standard Procedures

    Hi, it's me again, That One Guy (s'alright if you forgot who I am, its been almost half a year of inactivity D:)
    I felt horrible for getting hopes up for a Mote of Dust: Hearts + Hooves edition and failing to deliver, and so if you resent me for pulling that, however unintentional, lead-on, I suggest stopping now :<


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    (Mostly Changeling) Idea dump :'(

    Hello people venturing into the blogosphere! (Or my userpage, but what're the chances of that XD)
    It may be saddening, but I'm releasing all of the story ideas I never really got around to digging into - this is due completely and 100%'ly to my complete and utter failure as a non-erratic writer :/

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  • 483 weeks
    For the sake of a blog~

    Why hello there, 77 followers! It is I, your friendly neighborhood That One Guy, here to bring good tidings!

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  • 488 weeks

    I... I got onto the front page... With a story that wasn't marked mature... On the mature-visible Fimfiction front page!

    Fans I love all of you. :')

    That is all. Took a screenpic to happily remember. Mom watching everything I type because I was so excited. I'm so excited :D

    Thank you, everyone, you are all truly the best :3

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For the sake of a blog~ · 6:12am Feb 11th, 2013

Why hello there, 77 followers! It is I, your friendly neighborhood That One Guy, here to bring good tidings!
Okay I've got nothing. I really just wanted to make an interesting blog post to fill up the gaping void of FIMfiction *nothingness* that seems to have consumed the last month - for me, at least. My notifications tab has been filled up with nothing but ramblings from various famous authors (no offense D and Ascension :v), very few new stories (a parody, two alicorns, and an author's endeavor :x), minimal updates on all fronts (except you two, Golden and Umbral :D), almost no new changelings (T_T), and the occasional favorite(<3)-slash-comment (I love you forever if you do this :O).

All in all, its been pretty dull, and I was hoping I'd be able to liven it up a bit with an uncalled-for blog! But it seems not :/
So, instead of rising up and being interesting, I shall now sink back down to the bottom of the pond and lurk, eagerly awaiting shiny new stories/updates/comments (preferably from you guys, because you're the best!)
Goodbye, followers! I hope to hear from you soon :D

.... Oh and there's a small chance I'll actually finish the chapter I've been working nonstop on for A Mote of Dust (truly my best story :x) for Hearts n' Hooves day.
That could end up being swell :D

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Comments ( 4 )

I really need to get started on a new changeling story, don't I?

As long as its for you...

And A Mote of Dust is good so far! I love it!

I really should pour more effort into writing about them too, but...
... But procrastination... :fluttercry:

I'm just staring blankly at the empty text box that is Chapter 17 of BITC.... just can't seem to summon the inclination to write as of late.

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