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    - That One Guy

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    (Mostly Changeling) Idea dump :'(

    Hello people venturing into the blogosphere! (Or my userpage, but what're the chances of that XD)
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    I... I got onto the front page... With a story that wasn't marked mature... On the mature-visible Fimfiction front page!

    Fans I love all of you. :')

    That is all. Took a screenpic to happily remember. Mom watching everything I type because I was so excited. I'm so excited :D

    Thank you, everyone, you are all truly the best :3

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(Mostly Changeling) Idea dump :'( · 9:48pm Mar 25th, 2013

Hello people venturing into the blogosphere! (Or my userpage, but what're the chances of that XD)
It may be saddening, but I'm releasing all of the story ideas I never really got around to digging into - this is due completely and 100%'ly to my complete and utter failure as a non-erratic writer :/
One day I may get to some of these (of course I'll likely refrain if someone else borrows one to write, but don't let that be detrimental if you want to :O)

Erm, so lets see... This may be long (and edited at a later date!)

- Anypony ~ 3 unrelated chapters (Anypony You Want/Need/At All), each a different take on the approximately same concept.
Ch1, Fleur De Lis comes up to Fancypants' estate, reveals that she's a changeling, and begs him to take her in as he's the only one who ever showed her compassion during her life on the streets. Minor feels are tugged at, and he accepts so long as she always uses the Fleur disguise in public, and they get together as a couple.
Ch2, Fleur, despite being rich and great, feels powerless to start a (good) company in the stallion-driven Canterlot Elite, and she guiltily black markets in a changeling. Together they bargain out a happy ending - he becomes a pony named Fancypants of a foreign nation's own elite to provide a base for the company that other ponies wouldn't judge as harshly (and he gets all of the love energy). In the end she doesn't actually need his help, but they stay together anyway happily :3.
Ch3, late at night, both Fleur and Fancy discover the other is a changeling with similar living-as-a-pony ideas. Stunned yelling, accusations, and eventually acceptance and realization that the lack of emotion they had been feeling from each other was not because they didn't love each other, but because they were changelings and they don't make love energy, and then a happy sleepytime ending :D

- The Art of Bleeding ~ Medium-long story, changeling hunter mare under the orders of changeling hunter HQ changes her changeling attraction scent, her husband viciously attacks her once she gets home demanding to know what [foreign changeling] had done with the mare. Words are yelled, unchanging charges are fired to reveal him, life story(ies?), mare goes back to HQ and finally realizes that they were supposed to kill those strangely/creepily attracted to her after new scent application from coworker slideshow thing (:/), and then it ends with the married couple saying that its time they changed the world for the better. Optionally, violence as they destroy the HQ and its evil leader(s) shortly after, but unnecessary.

- The Art of Marketting ~ Oneshot, Flip and Flop, two changeling brothers, have run out of changeling hives to try marketing their mechanical inventions through practicality and singing, as is subtly revealed that they're a little too ambitious. They come to the conclusion that Ponies, having three entire variants, must be more accepting of their amazingly useful inventions. And thus are born Flim and Flam. :D

- All it Takes ~ Oneshot. A being sacrifices everything in order to save ___ (The world,special somebody/pony,balance,something). Not my most well-thought-out idea, but if its stylized to an absurd degree, that + the title will make it completely worth it.

- [Never titled 1] ~ Three chapters, the last two being endings.
Ch1, Celestia comes to the conclusion that should another changeling hive invade, Equestria would be powerless. The Love Barrier from the wedding only forced out undisguised changelings, and with the aid of a mysterious scientist pony she builds a giant, precautionary two-part machine within the Mt. Canterlot, designed to 1. Undisguise and force all changelings from Equestria via a ____ pulse, and 2. Soften their fall so they don't just die when this happens. Late in the chapter, it is revealed that the scientist dons a strange chestplate-armor-thing before bed. Chapter concludes with a sleepless and paranoid Celestia in the control room, turning the 'power' dial on the machine from '4' to '9'
Ch2, :) ending, Celestia teleports out for a breather and inadvertently wakes up the scientist. He goes out, still in the chestplate, and after a long 'what would you do if I was actually a changeling' talk from said scientist, he gently undisguised himself and explains that he saw how badly the invasion affected her and would do anything to help her get better. She tries to stay strong after nearly freaking out + realizing he's good, and then breaks out into quiet sobs on his shoulder. After a bit, she rises, and teleports them both to the machine room, and stylistically disables it (the method can vary) The next morning, the scientist accompanies the tired but happy Celestia as she makes the announcement to Equestria: changelings don't have to hide anymore.
Ch3, :( ending, Celestia is missing in the castle. The scientist trades worried glances with random yet specific ponies, and gradually looks around until he looks in the dreaded machine room. There is Celestia, dial on the machine set to 9, with a crazed look on her face. He tries to convince her otherwise, but on her crazed resolve to activate it at the break of dawn, he resigns himself and flies off to his family to say goodbye. She is confused, but doesn't let it hinder her. Right after raising the sun, she hits the button, and every changeling instantly *dies* (too much power into first step of machine), still in their disguises, with hollow eyes and a trickle of green from their mouths. Screams of loved ones ring out, and it turns out that nearly a quarter of the population of Equestria (well she sees Canterlot, and its about a quarter) were actually changelings, including her most trusted guard. She goes to Luna to find comfort, only to find that *she* had been likewise destroyed from within. Yes, much darker than my norm :(

And thats that for now :O!
Remember, if you want to use one, you have to send me a link when its done! (Like I'd ever say no to letting people be creative writers XD)

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All it Takes sounds like feature-bait. Also total utter crap.

That is the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard.
... Yeaahhh you're right :derpyderp2:

946389 Also, the unnamed one gave me an idea that I'll probably never write - ChangeLuna! In which Princess Luna Astreola Polaris Margaret Noctus of the Great Diarchy of Equestria, Ruler of The Night, The Stars, and The Moon, Long May She Reign, is really a changeling!

Say, if Luna is princess of the stars as well, what would happen if aliens visited Equestria? Would she try to declare eminent domain on them? It'd be exactly like that one episode of The Twilight Zone but with more ponies!

The world isn't ready to know D:
(Though perpetual, manipulative-based servitude doesn't sound far off >:3)

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