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  • 6w, 2d
    Things I Hate, pt. XI

    Food poisoning. From a hotdog, of course. At least it's a classic.

    I spent all Sunday night throwing up every two hours, like clockwork. Since then I've had a single slice of pizza on Sunday, most of a sausage-and-egg sandwich on Monday, some toast, and this morning, a corn muffin that I could barely finish. I'm in this weird state where I'm both starving and don't want to eat anything ever again. Also I spent all of Sunday dehydrated to Hell and back; I drank an entire carton of apple juice, most of two Gatorade bottles, and a lot of water.

    Never gonna have a hotdog from work ever again.

    Worst part is that on Saturday I actually started getting some writing done again, but since my terrible, terrible Sunday night, I really haven't been in the mood for anything.

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  • 17w, 3d
    I'm not quite dead!

    So for the past few months I have made zero progress in anything of importance. I blame several factors on this, including being literally broke and forced to live off of $1 bread from Wal-Mart, and having to skip several sessions in a row of my weekly D&D game, which I use for stress relief. Things are starting to turn around, though, and with that apparently comes writing ability.

    I'm not a tortured artist, I write better when things are going well for me.

    In any event, proof of progress: here's a preview for the next chapter of For a Few Bits More. I also am working on and plan to have two chapters of The Rime of the Ancient Pegasus ready for December. Maybe some Daleks Have No Concept of Friendship! as well, if I can manage it.

    The saloon that they had ended up in was even more “disreputable” than the one that Ditzy and Carrot Top had dined in earlier, though this mostly took the form of it being smaller, with tighter seating and smaller windows that let in less light, as well as a wind-up phonograph that was currently playing the scandalous flamenco music that was popular in northeastern Caballeria, albeit not too loudly.

    After getting their drinks (Ditzy stuck to a Surly Temple from the kid’s menu, and everypony else also kept to non-alcoholic drinks), Tallo and Mazorca had taken turns explaining their situation to Ditzy, Carrot Top, Big Mac, and Braeburn.

    “Wait, King Longhorn?” Braeburn asked at the end, scratching his head. “The same one what attacked Tía Tarta?”

    Sí,” Tallo replied. “The same, señor Braeburn. You have heard of this?”

    “Not a half hour ago,” the yellow stallion replied. “From the bison Big Mac n’ me stopped. Marshal Fetter Keys was investigatin’, but Little Strongheart – that was the bison – didn’t know nothin’ ‘cept King Longhorn was the bandit.”

    “I’m gathering banditry is problem in this part of Caballeria?” Carrot Top asked.

    “This part? Nah,” Braeburn said, pointing down to indicate the land beneath him. “But once you get out into the Mild West proper, yeah, you’ve got yerself a problem, from Naqah down to Alpaclan. Too much land, too few beings in it t’ keep track a’ everything, not enough water t’ make a decent fort. New Appaloosa lucked into a great big oasis, but most places can’t support more n’ a hundred ponies at most.”

    “And los búfalos do not appreciate the creation of forts or large towns in any event,” Mazorca said. “And claim most oases for their tribes, who wander and do not settle. Los búfalos have no love of bandits, of course, but most bands have un búfalo o dos to navigate and allow them to avoid the tribes’ migration patterns.”

    “When the tribes are not fooled outright,” Tallo added. “Who is to say if the beings you meet are bandits or merchants? Especially if they are willing to sit and trade and smoke a peace pipe?”

    “That ain’t the bison’s fault,” Braeburn insisted. “The only solution there’d be to attack everythin’ they meet, or not trade with any being.”

    “Or be more careful, ¿sí? I do not think that it would be so hard – ”

    “Look, that’s a fascinatin’ discussion on black market economics n’ all that y’all have brewin’ there,” Applejack interrupted, holding up her hooves, “but it don’t solve nothin’.” She looked to Big MacIntosh. “Now, the way Ah see things, what Mazorca an’ Tallo need is somepony t’ help them find someponies to help them. Fighters. An’ we gots two right here,” Applejack nodded to the two Elements of Harmony. “An’ Marshal Fetter Keys surely will want t’ help take down King Longhorn, so that’d be three. Only he can’t be here by his lonesome! Surely he’s got himself some deputies.”

    Applejack leaned back, smiling and nodding. “So Marshal Fetter Keys bags hisself King Longhorn, our heroines over here get t’ show Caballeria their stuff like Princess Luna wants ‘em to, an’ the de Maízes get their village saved. You an’ me an’ Braeburn an’ Bloomberg get to head on t’ New Appaloosa like we’re supposed to. Everypony wins!”

    There was several long moments of silence.

    “Eenope,” Big Mac said.

    “That’s a terrible plan,” Braeburn followed up.

    “We’re not fighters!” Ditzy objected.

    “I can honestly say that ‘run away’ has been my preferred option for every real fight I’ve been in,” Carrot Top confirmed.

    “If señor Fetter Keys had deputies, would they have not helped him against the buffalo cow he chased?” Mazorca asked.

    “He also looks older than mi padre,” Tallo noted.

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  • 19w, 2d
    The 2016 US Presidential Election


    ...that did not go as expected.

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  • 33w, 5d
    "For a Few Bits More" is in the pipe!

    Apparently there's an auto-approve thing now, but it never hurts to make a blog post anyway.

    For a Few Bits More

    A town deep in the Mild West has been subject to repeated raids by the bandito bull King Longhorn and his gang of Cattle Rustlers. The only hope the desperate mares and stallions have is to journey to the border, and recruit ponies experienced with combat to help them fend of Longhorn and his marauders!

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  • 38w, 10h
    Glass Kingdom Update

    2,770 words into the first epilogue, which will probably end up around 4,000 words long. (The second will be much shorter). Looks like I really am slowly but surely getting my writing speed back.

    This is a good sign for my other projects, namely getting back to Treasure Hunt and starting up the third of my World Tour stories, For a Few Bits More (Carrot Top/Ditzy in the Mild West). I'll try and work an update to "Daleks Have No Concept of Friendship!" in there as well if I can. The Rime of the Ancient Pegasus, meanwhile, is probably gonna become like my The True Meaning of Nightmare Night story, in that I only update it during the appropriate holiday.

    Once Treasure Hunt and For a Few Bits More are done, Lunaverse Season 2 can finally come to an end as I write Penultimatum and The Final Fall of the Tyrant Sun. Though I might just fold the two together into one story.

    Just an update on how things are going. Wish me luck!

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  • 41w, 3d
    Saw TMNT: Out of the Shadows last night

    Hot damn is this movie better than the first one! I don't understand why it's getting poor critical reviews, excepting if critics hate cartoons for some reason. Because make no mistake, this is the cartoon, simply in live-action/CGI form, right down to the closing credits having the TMNT cartoon them play as the first song during them (a somewhat modern cover, granted, but close enough to the original as to make little difference).

    Better still, the Turtles are definitely the focus this time around rather than April O'Neil, with a lot of time spent on developing them as brothers and as a team. O'Neil is decidedly a secondary character; she has her own subplot but it doesn't intrude on the Turtles, who retain more screen time than her. Casey Jones also has his own subplot involving Beebop and Rocksteady, but it is, again, a secondary thing to the Turtles themselves.

    Speaking of, Beebop and Rocksteady were amazing. Every scene with them is pure gold, both pre- and post-mutation. Krang was great, too (though I preferred the spelling "Kraang", but the movie goes with the one-A variant), as was The Shredder and Baxter Stockman. Kirai is somewhat underutilized as a character, but in this movie she's pretty much here just to be The Shredder's lieutenant and doesn't really need much development for that role.

    Basically, if you liked the cartoon, you'll like this movie and should go and see it, help the poor thing out - it definitely needs the help. Kind of like the movie version of Speed Racer, which is the anime in live-action form and makes no attempts to justify or apologize for anything from the anime, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows is the cartoon, and everything that entails.

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  • 45w, 6d
    Just Saw Captain America: Civil War

    GO SEE IT!

    The blog post below is spoiler-free, but I make no promises about the comments. Ye have been warned

    Oh, if it matters, I'm Team Cap.

    It deserves all the accolades it's been getting, for all the reasons it's been getting them. It goes without saying that it's better than Batman v. Superman; a root canal on every single one of your teeth without painkillers by a novice dentist while someone is singing "Achy Brakey Heart" is better than Batman v. Superman.

    But Civil War is seriously one of the best films in the MCU, and might well be one of the best films I've ever seen. It does everything right.

    SEE IT.

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  • 51w, 5d
    Just got back from Batman v Superman [obligatory spoiler tag]

    I would like to take this time to remind people that, as I work at a movie theater, I see movies for free. This may or may not influence my opinion of movies. Usually it actually influences them towards good - since I'm not paying, I don't feel like I have much a right to complain and so just generally try to enjoy myself. For example, Gods of Egypt is a stupid, stupid movie, but it's sort-of aware that it's a stupid movie, and it was mostly just goofy adventure and fun with all the actors just having a good time pretending to be Egyptian deities and stuff. It won't be winning any Oscars, and it doesn't deserve to - but it was fine. Like eating a cake. No one needs cake. You don't get anything of nutritional value from cake. But damnit, it's tasty.

    Right, that should be enough of a wall of text so as to avoid the spoilers that everyone is so afraid of.

    GOOD LORD this movie was a piece of shit. Don't pay money to see it. I didn't pay money to see it and I want my money back.

    For two years or so now I've been worried about this movie, but apparently I wasn't worried enough. Everything I was worried about came to pass and brought friends.

    Jesus Christ. I don't even know where to begin. Um, Batman straight-up kills people. There's a start. Wonder Woman doesn't belong in this movie. Diana, one day will be yours. I want you to have a movie. I want it to be a fantastic movie. Girl power, etc. But you do not belong here. You added nothing. You are a distracting C-plot at best.

    I mean, just...ugh.

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  • 54w, 3d
    Signal Boost: Inkarnate

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  • 66w, 1d
    Star Trek: Federation (I went crazy again)

    I'm not talking about the trailer for Star Trek Beyond that was recently released; I'm reserving judgment on that movie. Rather, I'm speaking of the new series CBS announced that will be beginning in 2017. The idea is that only its first episode will appear on TV; the rest will be on CBS Netflix, or whatever it is they're calling it. Can't say that I'm a fan, but something, something, technology marches on. Anyway, the point is that CBS has confirmed that the series is going to involve a new ship and crew - i.e., it's not going to be a reboot of the original series. Since JJTrek is owned by Paramount, this also means that it's probably not going to be a continuation of JJTrek, either.

    Most likely, the series will take place some time during the Trek IP that CBS still owns; which is to say, the five (or six, if you count the Animated Series) TV shows we're familiar with. This basically means some time between ENT and TOS, or between TOS and TNG, or else after the TNG, DS9, and VOY era. It could of course take place concurrently with one of those instead, but I feel that CBS is probably going to want to tread new ground rather than risk confusing new potential viewers with decades-old plot points.

    Obviously I have absolutely no input whatsoever into the process. However, I can't help but think up how I'd like to see the series progress. Thus what I have below - Star Trek: Federation. The theoretical setting borrows the name and some plot points from an unused Star Trek relaunch pitched after the cancellation of Enterprise, as well as a new animated series, Star Trek: Final Frontier that also never came to fruition; however, it is not (or at least is not intended to be) nearly as dark as those were. It also draws inspiration from my own sci-fi work called Lost Earth, which centered on the idea of various human colonies losing contact with Earth and needing to develop on their own. Finally, the document follows on the storylines of Star Trek Online, though not terribly closely.

    Anyway. Tell me what you think!

    Star Trek: Federation

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  • 67w, 10h
    "Treasure Hunt" is going to go through a major overhaul

    So over the past year and a half, I've kind of had an experiment going with my canon Lunaverse stories; the experiment is basically "are my stories better if I write them as I go (my preferred style) or if I plan them out ahead of time?" Basically the point of this experiment was to see if I, a) could follow a synopsis once written, and b) what kind of effect does this have on the story?

    After much deliberation on the matter I've figured out what basically every 4th grader learns in elementary school English: planning out stuff ahead of time leads to a much tighter and more focused story. Keeping stuff in your head can sometimes work, but just as often it leads to problems when you run into narrative stumbling blocks that you hadn't realized needed to be resolved.

    This is not to say that writing like this is impossible, or even bad - Boast Busted, Tales of Ponyville, and An Early Reunion were all written that way - just that I've reached the conclusion that I, personally, am better when I've plotted things out ahead of time.

    Case and point, Treasure Hunt. I set up this scenario with three ship crews all doing their own thing, each going after three keys to a treasure. So nine keys total. Fun fact: I didn't plan out what each key was, how it was supposed to work with the treasure they find, and where they were going to get the keys and what they were supposed to be doing - not to mention how I'm supposed to be making each key-quest interesting; as well, a recurring minor complaint in the Lunaverse is that Dinky is too "perfect", so I think I want to try and inject a little more nuance into her character here (I did the same in Magic Tutor with how easily she got jealous, although Magic Tutor is another story that kind of got out from under me due to a lack of cohesive planning).

    So, basically, Treasure Hunt is being officially put on hiatus until I've fully plotted it out. The same basic story - three crews of five foals looking for treasure - is going to be kept; I'll probably even wholesale copy/paste the first two chapters into the new story. But I'm going to be reducing and changing the keys and making things just work better.

    Sorry, Dinky and Pipsqueak! But things will be better for the effort, I promise.

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  • 67w, 1d
    "The Rime of the Ancient Pegasus" is - wow it's up already

    Dayum, FiMFiction, that wasn't even five minutes on the docket. Good on the staff of this place. Kind of negates the need for this blog post, but I've done one for each of my other stories, so I'll do one for this one too.

    Anyway, "The Rime of the Ancient Pegasus" is up and ready for your viewing pleasure! It's a Hearth's Warming tale about mistakes, forgiveness, happiness, etc., etc.. Actually in truth it's going to be taking a lot of cues from the episode "Luna Eclipsed", though I'll be trying to give my own spin on it, too.


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  • 68w, 2d
    Christmas Playlist!

    I slowly add to this every year, and it has its roots in two albums from my childhood - "The Best Chrismas Album in the World...Ever!" and "Twisted Christmas". Also The Muppets. I like The Muppets.

    As a general rule I don't like the "classic" Christmas songs that much - "Silver Bells" and so on. Mostly because I've heard them a million times and they're getting a bit old, even when they're covered. Still, always open to suggestions! I generally prefer more active Christmas songs to quiet ones.

    1. CeeLo Green feat. The Muppets - All I Need is Love

    2. Gary Glitter - Another Rock n' Roll Christmas

    3. The Christmas Consort - Canon in D (piano)

    4. Pentatonix - Carol of the Bells

    5. Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Canon

    6. Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Christmas Eve Sarajevo

    7. The Waitresses - Christmas Wrapping

    8. Mannheim Steamroller - Deck the Halls

    9. The Pogues feat. Kirsty McCole - A Fairytale of New York

    10. Band Aid - Feed the World

    11. Trans-Siberian Orchestra - First Snow (instrumental)

    12. Mannheim Steamroller - God Res Ye, Merry Gentlemen (rock version)

    13. Greg Lake - I Believe in Father Christmas

    14. Sting - I Saw Three Ships

    15. Wizzard - I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday

    16. Bob Rivers Comedy Corp - I'm Dressin' Up Like Santa (When I Get Out on Parole)

    17. Mike Oldfield - In Dulce Jubilo

    18. The Muppets - It Feels Like Christmas

    19. Andy Williams - It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

    20. Bob Rivers Comedy Corp - Joy to the World (rock version)

    21. Bob Seager - Little Drummer Boy

    22. Shakin' Stevens - Merry Christmas Everyone

    23. Slade - Merry Xmass Everybody

    24. Bob Rivers Comedy Corp - A Message from the King

    25. The Muppets - One More Sleep 'til Christmas

    26. Jethro Tull - Ring Out, Solstice Bells

    27. The Muppets - Scrooge

    28. The Royal Guardsmen - Snoopy & The Red Baron

    29. Elton John - Step Into Christmas

    30. Jona Lewie - Stop the Cavalry

    31. The Muppets - Thankful Heart

    32. Bob Rivers Comedy Corp - The Twelve Pains of Christmas

    33. Danny Elfman - What's This?

    34. Mariah Carrey - Where Are You Christmas

    35. Trans-Siberian Orchestra - Wizards in Winter

    36. Paul McCartney - Wonderful Christmastime

    37. Rockapella - You're a Mean One, Mr. Grinch (a capella)

    Oh, that reminds me, actually - I need to get "Stille Nacht", the German version of "Silent Night". While going quite against my usual preferences for Christmas songs, "Stille Nacht" is associated with one of the better moments in human history (as usual, found in the depths of one of the worst periods), so if for nothing but its association with that, I want it.

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  • 68w, 6d
    Things I Hate, pt. X

    "It is what it is."

    That, or some variant thereof, is perhaps my most hated phrase in the entire English language.

    Long, complicated story behind that one; don't feel like getting into it. Just griping.

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  • 70w, 1d
    I might be reading too much Tom Clancy

    Basically I was about five or six pages into a dissertation on trade negotiations, supply and demand, the needs of the market verses the needs of the nation, the problems that arise when a nation of questionable societal equality has exclusive or nearly exclusive access to a vital product, and a brief touch on the concept of economic warfare and the need for an industrializing country to ensure it has access to products which may require the establishment of overseas colonies, which of course opens a whole new can of worms...

    ...when I remembered that, oh yeah, I'm writing a My Little Pony fanfiction, not The Wealth of Nations, and that even if I were writing a pony version of that, I probably shouldn't pick Trixie to be my stand-in for Adam Smith.

    Managed to cut things down to two pages after that.

    In all honesty I am actually working my way through Tom Clancy right now, and in fact I'm on Debt of Honor (Book 8/14 and the first one to truly diverge from our timeline - the fact that the Korean peninsula unified under the South some time in the early 1990s is offhandedly mentioned), which among other things is heavily involved in economics, supply and demand, the needs of an industrial nation to have access to raw materials, and economic warfare. Tom Clancy was not a man to spare details, either, so now I am an amateur economist as a result.

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  • 70w, 6d
    Terrorist Attack on Paris, France

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  • 72w, 1d
    A Sentence That Makes No Sense Without Context

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  • 73w, 5d
    My Halloween Playlist

    Suggestions for additions welcome!

    1. Rob Zombie - Dragula

    2. Ray Parker, Jr. - Ghostbusters

    3. Jack Lenz - Goosebumps Theme

    4. Creature Feature - A Gory Demise

    5. Ghosts - Grim, Grinning Ghosts (The Haunted Mansion theme)

    6. Mannheim Steamroller - Hall of the Mountain King

    7. John Carpenter - Halloween Theme

    8. The Eagles - Hotel California

    9. Bobby "Boris" Pickett & The Crypt Kickers - Monster Mash

    10. The Living Tombstone - Nightmare Night (instrumental)

    11. Rockwell - Somebody's Watching Me

    12. Michael Jackson - Thriller

    13. Mike Oldfield - Tubular Bells Pt. 1 (theme from The Exorcist)

    14. Warren Zevon - Werewolves of London

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  • 75w, 5d
    "Crusaders of the Lost Mark"


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  • 76w, 2d
    I saw The Martian

    You should see The Martian. Just trust me on this one. :twilightsmile:

    Oh, also, two words to keep in mind while watching it: maritime law.

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“Once upon a time, in the magical land of Equestria, there were two regal sisters who ruled together and created harmony for all the land. To do this, the eldest sister used her unicorn powers to raise the sun at dawn. The younger brought out the moon to begin the night. Thus, the two sisters maintained balance for their kingdom and their subjects: all the different types of ponies.

“But as time went on, the elder sister grew greedy. Though the ponies relished and played in the day and honored her above her younger sister, she wanted to become queen of both night and day. One fateful day, she turned upon her younger sister. The younger sister tried to reason with her, but the avarice in the elder one’s heart had transformed her into a wicked mare of fire and hate: Corona. She vowed that she would reign forever over day, night, and everything in between.

“Reluctantly, the younger sister harnessed the most powerful magic known to ponydom: the Elements of Harmony! Using the magic of the Elements of Harmony, she defeated her elder sister and banished her permanently into the heart of the sun. The younger sister took on responsibility for both sun and moon, and harmony has been maintained in Equestria for generations since.”

Oh, look, I can re-write the opening monologue. I bet that makes me a fantastic writer! No, not really. Still, it was something that needed to be done, so there it is.

The thing is, there's a fundamental difference in a world where Celestia goes evil and a world where Luna goes evil. The night is something that is seen as just, in and of itself, creepy, mysterious, and maybe a little evil - and so it follows that princess, the alicorn, the goddess of the night, Luna, must herself be creepy, mysterious, and maybe a little evil. Thus it probably wasn't a big surprise when Luna turned to evil in the main My Little Pony universe. Certainly it was easy to accept.

But if Celestia turns evil, that's a different animal altogether. Celestia is the day, the sunlight. She is what allows ponies to grow food, to stay warm, even so basic a thing as see: all thanks to the sun. So a world where the goddess of the Sun turned to greed and evil, but was then defeated by the creepy and mysterious sister who since then has been keeping the day-night thing going on schedule, is going to be a different Equestria from the one we've known on a very, very fundamental level.

This blog post is just a sort of stream-of-consciousness write-up of some of my thoughts on the subject. Feel free to add anything you like in the comments section!


This, I think, is going to be the most fundamental feeling that the ponies feel towards Corona. Princess Luna turning into Nightmare Moon? Eh, knew it was going to happen. Could see that coming from a mile away. But Princess Celestia becoming Corona? Celestia had everything she could ever want. She was more loved, more respected, the elder sister, the bringer of the beloved dawn. So when she turned to evil and tried to become goddess-queen of Equstria, is cut deep into the racial psyche of the pony tribes. If even the Princess of the Sun can turn to wickedness, then anything can. Ponies might not be more pessimistic, but they're certainly more open to the idea of someone lying to them or trying to scam them. It would take more than a song and dance routine, basically, for Flim and Flam to pull what they did in this universe.

Corona is not Forgotten

Now here, we enter into a fundamental difference between Luna and Celestia. I don't think Luna would stand to have her sister's fall into fire and hate be morphed into a holiday where you hand out candy to children. Aside from it being very difficult to imagine a daylight-themed Halloween, it just doesn't seem in-character for her. Now, mind, there *will* be a day set aside for the memory of Celestia, probably the summer solstice, but it's a day of mourning, not a day of tricks and treats. Similarly, Luna would not allow Celestia to simply fade into memory - and even if she was of a mind to let that happen, the deep, race-wide sense of betrayal that the ponies feel towards Corona wouldn't let that happen, either. Everypony knows the story of Corona, everypony would recognize her on sight if she were to return.

The Sun is Bad

Corona isn't just the corrupted goddess of the sun. She *is* the sun, sealed away inside of it. What does that mean? Well, most ponies don't really know. Does it mean that, in some ways, she *is* the sun? Does this mean that the very light that is warming you and letting you grow your crops and see what's in front of your own face, is in fact being provided by Corona? That is a less-than-fun thought. Like the human equivalent of learning that all dreams stem from Great Cthulhu. Of course, the ponies can't just dodge sunlight, or become nocturnal creatures: everything they need to live needs to be tended to in the daylight. Still, I think this will translate into a few superstitions and habits. Hats are going to be more common, in order to shield your eyes from the sun. And I imagine that a tradition of noontime siesta has formed, or something like that. At noon, when the sun is highest in the sky, ponies generally head indoors. They don't necessarily nap, as the term "siesta" suggests, but they basically spend an hour or so waiting for the sun to leave its high position.

Princess Luna is in Charge

So Celestia goes evil, is thrown down, and then sealed in the sun. Princess Luna is now in charge. Princess Luna. The creepy, mysterious, and maybe a little evil goddess of the night. How do you feel about that, Equestrians? Probably not so good. Probably a significant number of Equstrians believed that Luna may have had a hoof in the creation of Corona. Luna denies it, of course, but do you really believe her? She's the goddess of the night, ergo, darkness, ergo, evil. Of course, she is a goddess, so there's not much you can do about it. As the years go by and Luna doesn't really undertake any action to bring about eternal night or something, so gradually you settle into a kind of complacency. Luna is creepy and mysterious...but maybe you were wrong about the evil part. But never forget: she is the goddess of the night, not the day. The goddess of everything you fear, not the comforting warmth and light of the sun. She may seem benevolent, she may genuinely be benevolent, but ponies are always going to have this sense of distance from her.

Luna's Reign

Luna is not her sister. She is a blunt, hoofs-on kind of pony. She is also somewhat feared by the populace for being a deity of the night despite not being a bad pony, but over a thousand years she's come to accept this - and being in charge for a thousand years has allowed Luna to build up a large stable (no pun intended) of friends and associates, not to mention that despite the general mistrust, there *is* a sizeable portion of the pony population that is grateful to Luna for saving their behinds from Corona. Luna also has direct representatives of her Court in every major city and town in Equestira, including Ponyville. These representatives form a part of the local government and report directly to her. Theoretically they wield a tremendous amount of influence; in practice, Luna looks poorly on ponies who attempt to misuse their power. Mostly they serve as glorified messengers between their appointments and the Court, and relay her royal edicts directly to the populace.

Anyway, that's about all I can think up at the moment for this blog post. Like I said, I welcome any questions, comments, concerns, or criticisms.

Thanks for reading!

Report RainbowDoubleDash · 3,322 views ·
#1 · 263w, 5d ago · · ·

You've basically wrote your opening chapter here. the real question tho, is will you begin from the beginning? you started with episode six, but now you need to show us how all these different ponies got together. Show us how it all began, in canterlot, with trixie being sent off to ponyville, was it even during the summer sun festival? inquiring minds want to know. tell us what your brain says. :derpyderp1:

#2 · 263w, 5d ago · · ·


Well, "Boast Busted" states that it was actually during the opposite of the summer sun celebration - the Longest Night, the winter solstice, which matches up with the timeframe of the Eventime festival being during the vernal equinox, months later.

#3 · 263w, 5d ago · · ·

That's cerainly an interesting concept. Celestia turning evil. Princess Luna is alright. But I just like Nightmare Moon way better. I wish she kept that form. I don't know why, that's me. But this will be an interesting blog.:moustache:

#4 · 263w, 5d ago · · ·

If you can truly write this into your stories, I will follow you for a long time and distance.

#5 · 263w, 5d ago · · ·

If there's one aspect of this that I'd like to see you go deeper into, it's the fundamental differences of personality between Celestia and Luna.  They're as different as night and day (so to speak), and their approaches to governing should reflect that.  I guess everybody has their own take on the princesses (and I wouldn't presume to tell you how to write your story), but for whatever it's worth here is mine...

Celestia is all about knowledge, reason and power -- a perfect Enlightenment Age leader.  She wants her country to work like a machine, with every part in its proper place and turning smoothly, and the trains running on time.  Her natural approach to any problem involves tackling it head-on, and she prefers openness over concealment or deception.  She keeps a tight reign on the nobles and bureaucrats, not tolerating much nonsense from them.  Her natural impulse is to follow the rules, and she expects others to do the same.  Her game is chess.

Luna is all about myths, instincts and dreams.  Her truth is relative and fluid, and she'd rather inspire than explain.  Her natural approach to any problem involves concealment, deception, and manipulating friends and enemies alike into doing what she wants.  Although no friend of Discord, Luna isn't obsessed with order; dreams are chaotic, you can't summon them from a mathematical formula.  Luna loves her secrets and enjoys the byzantine rivalries, spying and scheming of the royal court, and is pulling the strings behind most of them.  She thinks rules can be bent, renegotiated and subverted.  Her game is poker.

I also think that both our Celestia and your Luna have chosen and shaped their students in their own image (which you did an outstanding job of portraying, in the case of Trixie).  Twilight and Celestia are cut from the same cloth, with Celestia being more calm and stable, and less naive, only because she's been around for so very much longer.  Trixie, then, is a perfect expression of Luna's approach, where perception beats reality and deception beats brute force.

If our normal Twilight and Luna's Trixie ever locked horns, I'm sure Twilight would have every advantage in spell-casting power and skill, but Trixie could win by tricking her into doing something completely ridiculous.  Likewise...   I doubt that Luna defeated Corona simply by blasting her with a magical super-weapon.  That's way too obvious.

Oh, and if you haven't read Night's Favored Child, be sure to check it out!  I think the characterization of Empress Nightmare Moon is pretty good.  She's not Luna exactly, but she's a NMM who has mellowed a lot with age and experience and become much more Luna-like.

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Like Eristotle said, this is a VERY interesting concept. Almost as interesting as a Soviet Superman scenario.

I shall try to read them, but not today. I'm a little sick and I can't concentrate on reading a full story.

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Sorry to ask this here, but I asked on the boards and the it kinda got swamped. Anyway are there airships/blimps in the L!verse? :scootangel:

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There's hot-air balloons, but no airships or blimps. Yet...

#9 · 219w, 2d ago · · ·


i see... yet you say? :trixieshiftright:

The reason I ask was because of that Elk fic, I was thinking of having the mane cast ride an airship/dirigible as opposed to a train. :scootangel:

Also do Thief Takers exist in l!verse?

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A Thief-taker was a private citizen who could be hired to capture criminals or seek out and steal back or negotiate the of stolen property, the hiring was also primarily done by private citizens, but law enforcement coudl work with them or hire them as well, Thief Takers are different form bounty hunters, the most notorious Thief Taker was Jonathan Wild. :scootangel:

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I don't think they would...thief-takers seemed to have primarily existed to shore up the shoddy police at the time, but the Lunaverse's police are anything but shoddy.

#13 · 219w, 2d ago · · ·


ah well, guess I'll have to save them for Cadenceverse, TY for the response though :twilightsmile:

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... yet? wait does that mean they maybe take something back form M!verse? :pinkiegasp:

or are they just under development?

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so wait, because of the change in events, Twilight is a fugitive, AJ is egotistical, and RD is cold and heartless to evrypony but Flutters?


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RD isn't cold and heartless to everypony but Fluttershy...and I wouldn't call AJ egotistical.

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>>1226520 whatever, and i'm still with twilight though, the odds of having that drastic a change but having the same ponies are low... but hey, that's the multiverse for ya. but LTwi comes off as only wanting an actual friend though... kind of a woobie if you want to get into TvTropes and all.

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What? No increased appriciation for the nights beauty amongst the populous? That seems sorta cynical.

Then again, the Lunaverse is sorta cynical.

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